Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Tennessee Waltz

I'm obviously a happy camper tonight. No, it doesn't make a bit of difference in my life, but it's fun to watch them play. This game wasn't nearly as exhausting to watch as the game against North Carolina on Sunday night, but it was great to see how each woman contributed their own gifts and talents to the team.

On the other hand, how is it that Mike Patrick still has a job? I've been trying to figure out how long he's been with ESPN and how long he's been a commentator for the women's tournament and I can't find any concrete information. Anyway, I can't remember a championship game when I haven't heard him totally blow it. For several years when Tennessee and Connecticut met in the championship game he consistently called players by the wrong names and even got the teams and coaches mixed up. It's almost like he can manage his job for about 20 minutes and then he gets so flustered and flummoxed that he can't keep anything straight.

Tonight he announced that Brittany Ray was coming in for a Tennessee player that was benched. I sat straight up. "Who?" I don't study UT's roster but I was pretty sure I'd never heard that name before. Know why? Because she plays for Rutgers. The two women don't even share the same number. To his credit(?) his blunders weren't as bad as I've heard in the past, but why not get somebody who can concentrate on the game and get information correct? Grrrr.

But what a game!


Jennifer said...

Speak English, woman!

Kel Bel said...

Congrats! I wasn't able to watch the game but got home in time to see the Lady Vols cutting down the net...and I figured you were cheering at home :)

MasonDixon said...

I kind of wanted Coach Stringer to win one. I mean, Summit doesn't really need another one does she?

Mary Beth said...

I like Stringer, too, and to tell you the truth I wouldn't have been terribly disappointed if her team had won. They've been playing like a house on fire and, quite honestly, beaten a few teams that Tennessee might not have been able to manage.

I loved watching her during the last minutes of the Duke and LSU games. She was like a little kid. I was very disappointed in her affect during the post-game press conference. I kind of felt like she didn't give herself or her team enough credit for what they did accomplish during the season.

As for Summit, she needs all she can get if she's going to break Wooden's record of ten national titles! Only three more to go!