Monday, August 20, 2007

Off the Charts!

Clare just got home from her two-week checkup and everything is super. Two weeks ago when we went in for a weight check she had dropped to 9 lbs, 4 oz from her birthweight of 10 lbs, 3 oz, so I guessed that when we went in today she'd be back up to birthweight plus a few ounces.


As of today, she weighs 10 lbs., 13 oz. She's almost 23 inches long, and her head circumference is 39 cm. Every measurement is above the 95th percentile. The doctor was quite pleased with the checkup.

And yet she couldn't prescribe a magic bullet to make Clare sleep at night rather than during the day.


anna said...

You've got some good milk, mama!
Way to go keeping her nice and healthy. Joshua's gonna have to start bulking up to keep up with her. ;)

And I'll keep you in my thoughts as you try to figure out how to get her sleep at night.

Mercedes said...

Congrats on the growth and all the stats! Sorry she isn't sleeping at night for you -- is she generally a happy baby otherwise?

Kat E said...

Go MB and the magic boobies! (I love your "I make milk, what's your superpower?" thingie over there on the right, by the way...

Jenny said...

Tee hee hee. And my boy, at his one-year-checkup, has now popped up to between the 10th and 15th percentile in weight (from 5th at 9 months)...

My grandma used to say (probably still does) that her days and nights are turned around, so you need to turn her upside-down to get her straightened up.

No. I never did it for either boy. They eventually figured it out without grandma's solution. :)

Orangeblossoms said...

Grow, baby Grow!


Also, Sleep, baby Sleep! (at night, please....)

Kingwell said...

I have heard that the magic 12-pound mark is when they sleep, so you're just over a pound off, right?

I was checking in to see if your birth story was here yet, but as I am one day overdue, unsure if I was up to reading it or not. Guess I don't have to make that choice now!

anna said...

yeah I vote for a good birth story too!

Let's here all the fun details! I mean you're awake all night anyway right? ;)

Mary Beth said...

Mercedes--She is starting her 3-week-old fussies, but other than that is pretty content. She really hates to seems pretty painful for that's an ordeal. I'm trying to convince her to embrace her bodily functions. Maybe I need to send her to Ritz for awhile.

Kat E--Why, thank you.

Jenny--If Joshua is any indication, I start 'em out big and then they average out over time. He's in the 25-50th percentile in everything but head (which is still 75-90)

Kingwell--Don't believe the hype. Babies sleep through the night when they're good and ready. I, too, believed the "big babies sleep through the night faster" myth. But it's all lies, lies lies! I told you my "secret" for inducing labor, right?

Anna--Yeah, yeah. I'll get there. I'm still trying to process most of it.

Kat E said...

If my baby has any trouble pooping, I will wonder if he/she is actually genetically related to me and J, or if, instead, I was artificially inseminated by aliens.