Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I've been following the story of the woman who was told she couldn't breastfeed in her local Applebee's in Lexington, KY (so much for "eatin' good in the neighborhood"). You can read the whole story here (the story is in the first post by "amhky"), but the gist is that the woman began breastfeeding her seven-month old at a table when she was approached by a server and told that she would need to cover herself with a blanket. The mother informed the server that KY law states that she has a right to breastfeed in public without covering up and that she hadn't even brought a blanket with her. The interaction continued with the server and the manager until the mother and the rest of her family left the restaurant. When the mother's attorney finally received a reply from Applebee's Corporate headquarters (it took two attempts), the letter stated that, in the future, all Applebee's restaurants would stock blankets to give to nursing moms so that they could cover up.

Talk about missing the point.

As a result, nursing moms staged nurse-ins at Applebee's restaurants all over the country this past Saturday. Our glorious town is not blessed with an Applebee's, so Clare and I did not participate. But I saw this cartoon at another blog and had to share, not only because it's funny but because I'm still feeling a little like a dairy cow.


Mercedes said...

You and me both, honey. :-) I forgot how uncomfortable it can be to breastfeed in public, even though I ALWAYS have a blanket with me. I am very careful about the exposure, but, there are still those five to ten seconds where there is just nothing that can be done -- nip will show and that's that.

Now, as for Applebees lady -- I fully support her right to whip it out and be exposed without a blanket. I just am not a huge fan of doing it myself.

anna said...

Holy Cow! Okay someone had to say it. ;)

Yeah talk about missing the point entirely.

I'm raising david to be probreastfeeding. All his animals he draws all have utters now. Including mommy frogs so they can feed their "baby tadpoles". So um yeah we need to sometime start teaching mammal versus amphibian but you know I'm impressed that a 3 year old boy draws utters on a frog.

And girl I hear you on feeling like a dairy cow! Call it a growth spurt, teething , ear infection, separation anxiety nightmare but Johnathan wants to nurse all night long. At least it'not painful like I remember those first few weeks!

anna said...

btw I just posted a said picture on my blog....it's a hoot!

Kat E said...

Personally I think I'll be more embarrassed to breastfeed in front of my male family members than in front of strangers. But I'm planning on getting one of these cool "hooter hiders" from bebeaulait.com.

martha said...

Hey, mister! That's what they're *for*! It isn't my fault your patriarchy sexualized them beyond biological recognition!

Jenny said...

Sigh. Missing the point.
I tried in vain to use a blanket with both boys but they got too freakin' hot (never mind that I was a sweat-factory most of the time when they were still figuring out how to latch on discreetly) and couldn't nurse because they were covered with sweat and the air under the stupid blanket was so hot they couldn't breathe and oh, am I ranting? We got pretty good at plugging on without causing a lot of disturbance, and I'm pretty sure I breastfed in my local Applebee's without anyone batting an eye.

Christine said...

LOOOOOOOOOOVE the cartoon.

Sarah said...

I understand that some people get uncomfortable when women breastfeed in public.

But that's their problem.

Mary Beth said...

Exactly, Sarah.

I tend not to cover myself, but I carry my Hooter Hider (expertly homemade by Anna! in my bag at all times just in case. And it's certainly come in handy.

The thing that makes me most uncomfortable is having my pasty fatness hang out all over the place, but I just found great nursing tanks that take care of that problem.

Kat E--I think it's fair to expect that everyone who enters your home in the first month after you have your baby should be prepared to see boobage. There's a definite learning curve to nursing and it involves a lot of nip-slips.

So far I've nursed Clare in Bible Study, Wednesday night Fellowship Dinner at church, the church nursery, a birthday party, and at least two restaurants without incident. I hope it stays that way!

Kingwell said...

I'm embarrassed that I live in Lexington and this whole debacle took place here (actually, in Nicholasville, which isn't quite as advanced as the oh-not-so-progressive big Lex, but all our Applebee's are owned by the same short-sighted management company). I could go on and on...but let's just say I only opted not to participate in our two area nurse-ins of protest because my son was seven days old and I'd probably flash the whole crowd, further causing concern!