Friday, June 20, 2008


We have long been thrilled with Joshua's ability to spell his own name. He hadn't done it in awhile, so Jay and I both chuckled yesterday when we heard from the backseat, "J-O-S-H-U-A spells Joshua!"

"Very good," I said. "How do you spell your last name?"



Jenny said...

Perhaps for the purposes of spelling simplicity and ease of writing, you guys should change your name to Ber. I was going to suggest Bern, but n's are hard. Maybe, if you want, it could be Bert? Bernheisel has a lot of letters to remember.

martha said...

I think that, for a show of unity, you should just go ahead and change the whole family name to "Bernheieieo". You have to admit it has a certain charm. I've secretly called you "Bourbonheisel" since a certain post job trauma Friday night, myself. So it would be an easy adjustment for me.

Kat E said...

Too cute!!

Makes me kind of glad my kids aren't inheriting my 12-letter maiden name :) You went the opposite way!