Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Status Updates

I have a bit of a Facebook obsession. One of the things I enjoy most is the Status Update feature which allows the user to post a sentence or two about what's happening at the moment. I think it's spoiled me because it's so easy to throw up a thought or two every few days. Much easier that actually blogging. So instead of copping out and updating my status every five minutes, here's what's been on my mind.
  • Missing the City. I went through the drive through at Seattle's Best yesterday for a little pick-me-up as I've recently discovered that I'm a better mother when caffeinated. It was disappointing the say the least, but it's the only decent drive through coffee in town. This got me thinking about all the mornings in Boston that I enjoyed Peet's Coffee at Brigham and Women's Hospital, which made me think about Espresso Royale Cafe, that bastion of coffee goodness for BU seminarians and anyone else who lived and died for a mocha the way I did. On the way home from the disappointing coffee adventure, Colin Cowherd was making fun of sentimental Yankees fans. One of his comments was that "New Yorkers are some of the most well-read people in the country for no other reason than they have all that time to read during their 40-minute commute to work." I remember having all that spare time to read, to think, to doodle, to look out the window, both in Boston and in Chicago. Good coffee and a pleasant train ride. I could go for that again.
  • Looking forward to Fall. I've always been a spring and summer gal, but when Joshua showed me his "apple tree" art project the other day I almost exploded with excitement that Fall is so close. I've never cared much about Fall, but this year I do. I'm ready for the oppressive heat to go away. I'm ready for cool, crisp air. I'm ready for long sleeves and apples and winter squash and crock pots and pretty leaves. I'm ready to share fun Fall things with Joshua, who's finally old enough to enjoy them. I want to drink apple cider with him, carve a pumpkin with him, go on a hayride with him, and play outside with him without having reapply sunscreen every twenty minutes.
  • Too much growing up. Joshua loves playschool. Oh, he'll occasionally say that he doesn't want to go, but when I tell him that I'll call Miss Penny and tell her not to expect him, he almost immediately changes his tune. We were all over at the school this weekend laying rubber mulch on the playground, and we took our lunch break in Joshua's classroom. I thought about how he knows the ins and outs of that room while I know nothing. He does things in there that I'll never know about. He participates in a whole world that I'm not part of. And he's thriving in it. While I love that he's doing these things I his own, I'm still trying to figure out how to stop this growing up business. Maybe if I sit on him he'll stop growing up so fast. Or maybe if I hug him alot. If anyone knows the secret, tell me. Part of me wants this sweet little guy forever, you know, except for all the times he makes me want to scream.
  • Domesticity. I've been working so much and spending so much time advising my sorority women that I've hardly had time to do anything in my own house. Last night I finally finished ironing, but I would give anything for one whole day to dedicate to cleaning my house. We're not quite to the point that the health department would be interested in taking a look around, but we're not far from it. I don't who this person is that actually wants to clean the house, but she needs to go away.

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HP said...

Yeah, Facebook has pretty much replaced my blogging....particularly now that the fall madness has begun.