Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Up until last night I had about 10 randomly assorted boxes of pictures, old photo albums, and other picture-containing envelopes sitting on the shelf of my closet. The pictures are of both Jay and me, and range from before we were born until roughly 1999 when I started putting all of my pictures in identically-shaped albums. My original plan was to take all of the random pictures from the random albums and put them in identically-shaped albums, too, so that they would all fit neatly on my shelf. The bonus is that they would be in chronological order...all of them.

Would you like some of my crack?

To being with, my head hurts from trying to remember when these were taken. Then consider that some are 4x6, some are 3x5, and some are 3x3! Oh, and don't forget the senior pictures collected over the years. I've dated about a third of them so far, but I still haven't figured out what I'm going to do with them when they're finally sorted chronologically. I bought some photo storage boxes at Hobby Lobby today, but that seems a bit silly since the idea is to make them more accessible, not less. But at least my storage system will be more uniform if all of the random pictures go into boxes.

Has anyone else done something this ridiculous? Any ideas?


Anna said...

HA HA and yeah I want some your crack!

I over the years have thought about this project but no way in heck am I about to do it.

I'm happy that they are in at least rubbermaids spread throughout our garage...because then I can't see them!

We should have all been born in the digital age where we don't actually have hard copies of our photos.

I think that TV interview might have cooked some brain cells.

But when you do figure out a system let me know and I'll hire you to do mine.

Erica said...

scanning... couple years ago, I spent 3 days in my grandparents' apartment scanning their old photos. Time consuming, but you could set up a spot in the house and do it whenever you can snatch a few minutes.

I did this because my grandparents were threatening to throw everything out. I cant imagine, though, doing this with my own photos and then throwing the hard copies away. But maybe, if you put the ones you really wanted in one pile, you could part with the others.

And some day, your kiddos will think you were the hippest most technologically advanced mom ever!

My crack-induced project of the week? I don't like my wedding stole. So I'm making a new one. What?!? between the two year old, the incessant parade of weekend youth and children's ministry kick off events, and the constant struggle to keep my house from tipping over the edge into insanity, do I really have the time for this?

Jenny said...

I got the thought that I was going to do this -- put together all the loose pictures that were in shoe boxes no less -- and put them into (wait for it) SCRAPBOOKS with cute papers and decorations and labels...
THAT was some bad crack if ever I had any.
So now, I have a ratty, mish-mashed scrapbook of assorted Crack Crap, AND three shoeboxes full of assorted pictures from my childhood and youth and even college years -- hey, is that a picture of Jay Bernheisel???
Bed crack. Back to sewing.

kingwell said...

I still haven't done my wedding album (April 2003) but I have all the elements in a box. does that count? I do have all my own photos from elementary school on, in order, in those photo boxes. Not very accessible, but safe and organized. sorta.