Thursday, January 22, 2009

Decidedly Absent, V. 4,789

Once again, I am decidedly absent. With the women's retreat coming up in two weeks, I haven't been thinking about much of anything else. In fact, I have a bad case of what I've described as Diarrhea of the Brain. Once I start thinking about what I want to say, thoughts just come pouring out. That isn't to say that they're brilliant or profound thoughts, just thoughts that I think should be entered into my little thought notebook, which now sits beside my bed.

Lucky for me, I can turn this brain diarrhea on and off, so if I deliberately don't think about for a few days at a time then I can have some peace. But once the flow has started, I'm in trouble.

So hopefully I'll be a little more regular (no pun intended) once I feel like I have this under control.

Until then...

1 comment:

tanstead said...

I think you should intend all puns -- good stuff.