Friday, February 27, 2009

An Answer to Prayer

As part of my Lenten discipline, I have been setting aside some time every afternoon when the kids go to bed to do a centering prayer and then write some in a prayer journal. Yesterday I wrote in my journal that I needed to forgive myself for putting my desire to clean my house before my need to spend good, quality, on-the-floor-and-having-fun-time with my children. And while I recognized that I needed to forgive myself, I also prayed that I might do better.

This morning, Clare projectile vomited--twice--all over me. I spent all morning sitting in a kitchen chair, holding a bleary-eyed Clare in my lap, watching Joshua disassemble and reassemble the smoothie maker. There are three gigantic mountains of clothes that need to be put away, and I only loaded the dishwasher because Clare eventually wanted to sit in front of the open front door and enjoy the breeze for a few minutes.

Be careful what you ask for...

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Shannon said...

Hugs and kisses to little Clare. I hope she begins to feel better soon.

Not quite what you were asking for though, eh?