Thursday, April 30, 2009

Not Worth Consuming

For the last three years I've been using All Consuming to keep track of the books I've read and the books I want to read.   So every time I hear about a book I'd like to read I just enter it under "Books I Intend to Consume." And every time I finish a book it goes under "I Have Consumed This."  It's pretty handy.  

When I log my consumption, I have the option of rating the book.  The three ratings are Worth Consuming, Wishy-Washy, and Not Worth Consuming.  Of the 58 books I've consumed in the last three years, I've only rated one as Not Worth Consuming.  A few were Wishy-Washy, but nearly all were Worth Consuming.  Sure, there were some I didn't enjoy as much as others, and some were downright painful.  But it takes a pretty bad book to get a Not Worth Consuming rating from me.  I'd like to think that most, if not all, books have something worthwhile to offer a reader.  It could be mindless entertainment or an earthshattering new perspective, but my consistent Worth Consuming ratings tell me that I've found some nugget in almost every book I've read that makes the time spent consuming it worthwhile.

So, have you read anything you deem not worth consuming, anything insanely idiotic that rendered you dumber for having read it?  (Incidentally, I think Billy Madison is totally worth consuming).

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