Thursday, August 20, 2009

Damage I'll Never Undo

The small people and I were wandering around Walgreens today waiting for Jay's prescription to be filled. We passed the Halloween costumes, which motivated me to ask Joshua what he might like to be for Halloween.

"A princess," he replied.

"What about a prince? Then Clare could be a princess."

Let me disclaim here. I have absolutely no issue with Joshua dressing up as a princess. None at all. But as my friend so articulately said when I asked what she would do if her son wanted to dress up as a princess, "I would have no problem if we were going to a party with people I knew. But if we were going out, I would be worried because, around here, there's no telling what sort of things people might say, even adults."

Joshua was sitting on Vati's lap this afternoon eating vegetable crackers while I was looking at Halloween costumes at the McCalls website. I offered multiple options: knight, prince, wizard...

"No, I want to be a princess."

"We can make Clare a princess and you can be a prince!"

Finally, an exasperated growl, "I give up! I'll be a prince!"

I almost wet my pants laughing so hard.

Now I feel bad. If a brother wants to be a princess then he should be a princess. I don't like walkin this line between letting him be who he wants to be and trying to protect him from ignoramuses who can't leave well enough alone.

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