Thursday, June 07, 2012

Where are the Bernheisels?

So what you really want to know is, how's Jay doing?

Pretty well.  So well, in fact, that he's actually having labs drawn less frequently than once a week.  His bilirubin still fluctuates occasionally but the NP promises that such fluctuation is normal and that there's no need for me to vom all over the place.

He still naps a bit during the day, but you would too if you had the chance, wouldn't you?

He looks great.  People who see him regularly still comment on how good he looks.  His face is a teeny bit puffy from steroids, but he's going to stay on them at least until the surgeon releases him back to the hepatologist at the end of June, so the puffiness will remain.  It's barely noticeable, and we'll all certainly trade that for good health.

He's started running again, and has apparently claimed one of the spots on the American Liver Foundation team for the Chicago Marathon.  He's still working to get back in shape, but he's doing great.

And from what I can tell he's having fun right now.  I'm in Boston, and he and the kids are wending their way here at their own pace.  Jay's 20th high school reunion is in a few weeks, and he's going by himself.  But this trip has given him the chance to take the kids to Rochester and see some of his high school friends who live there.  His FB status updates all day have been about his old stomping grounds.  He's clearly happy.

So that's Jay.  Feeling good enough to drive two kids from Jackson, TN to Boston, MA by himself.  Maybe he's just psychotic again.

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