Monday, February 18, 2013

Lent 2013

One of the most helpful things I found in the weeks leading up to Lent was this video posted from my friend Tonya.  It's incredibly dry but informative and helpful.  Maybe I was meant to be Lutheran.

Anyway, I started thinking about my Lenten disciplines and how they fit into the four historical Lenten disciplines in the church.  This rubric was really great for helping me check myself and see if I was covering all the bases.  And because I never really feel like I'm ready for Lent until I've written down my intentions, here goes:

1.  Prayer

2.  Service
  • The family is using the Lenten World Hunger Calendar again this year.  We did this a few years ago and the kids really liked it.  We slacked off last year, for obvious reasons, but they seem excited to do it again.  It involves scripture reading, prayer, and donation of money every day.
  • We are also going to participate in the Giving (Up) campaign at our church to support our Habitat for Humanity building project.  We've pledged to give a day of working on the house, to pray, and to give financially.
3.  Study
  • My goal this year is to memorize Psalm 51.  If I get through that, I'll probably try for another of the Lenten texts.
  • Oh, and I also have three more books to read and multiple papers to write before my cohort reconvenes in June, if we're talking about that kind of studying.
4.  Fasting
  • I was never much of a shopper until I started working again, and now I could spend all day on Zulily, eBay, and Shop it to Me.  During Lent I've decided that not only am I not going to buy...I'm not even going to look.  I need to fast from it because I spend to much time doing it, and it has been skewing my already-wrong view of what my priorities should be. 
  • I am fasting from speaking to my kids in any way other than the way I want their tapes to sound.   In other words, if the words I speak to them now are the words that are going to be knocking around in their heads, 30 years from now, I want those words to be gracious and life-giving.  I'm fasting from words that aren't.
  • I'm fasting from computer and phone while my kids are awake.  It's distracting and it sets a bad example.
So, that's about it.  I've failed in every area already.  

Have a holy and blessed Lent!

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Vanessa said...

My family loves "Common Prayer for Ordinary Radicals"! Bought this a few years ago for Tom for Christmas. When I saw the word "radical" I knew it was for him. ENJOY!