Thursday, February 27, 2014

Blogging from The Holy Land, Part 5.2

After lunch we went for an olive wood shopping spree with the Nissan Brothers, who make their own olive wood carvings by hand.  Having spent far more than I should, we moved on to Shepherd's Field.  We didn't get to poke around much in the archaeological sites, although we peeked in on a few caves where the shepherds might have spent the night with their sheep if they couldn't make it back to the city in time.

Interesting fact:  When the shepherds remained in the caves with their sheep, they would have taken briars and sticks and put them at the front of the cave.  Then they would have positioned their own bodies at the entrance as well, literally making themselves the gate to the sheepfold.  When Jesus says, "I am the gate," that's exactly what he means.

Want to hear something else that will blow your mind?  After Shepherd's Field we went to the Herodium.  Here it is from far away:

The Herodium was Herod's wintering place.  It was over the top with decorations and luxuries, a pool, and a waterworks that would blow your mind.  We walked through those:
But see how it's flat on top?  That's not natural.  Herod actually had slaves to remove the top of the mountain so that he could build his fortress up there, on the highest spot in the Judean mountains.  So when Jesus says, "With faith the size of a mustard seed, you can move mountains," don't you know what the people thought of?  Herod had nothing on them.

We ended our day with a service at St. George's and went to bed!

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