Sunday, July 15, 2007


Sick? Check.

Tired? Check.

Sick of being tired? Check.

Tired of being sick? Check.

Ready to be done with babywatch 2007? Check.

My presence may be sparse. I'll let you know when something happens.


Jenny said...

Yup, you must be almost done. Hang in there girl!

Laura said...

Good Luck. :) May these next two weeks go quickly for you.

HP said...

Keep the count down going...any day now.

Christine said...

Checking almost daily. Waiting for a very detailed, mucky, slimy birth story!

Montana Dave said...

By any chance do you read the comic strip Stone Soup by Jan Eliot? Her pregnant character sounded just like you about two weeks ago.

Good luck with the last two weeks!

Darby said...

Ugh!!! Don't you just hate this part!? Just a few more days! Hang in there, babe!

martha said...

There there dearie!

Orangeblossoms said...

Hugs and Best Wishes, Mary Beth!

Love you!