Tuesday, November 13, 2007

How I Met Your Father, Part II

When they returned we (it was now a triple-date) headed to Marvin's, a local dive specializing in garlic cheeseburgers, garlic fries, and anything else upon which one might want to heap piles and piles of garlic. It was probably an unwise choice for a first date, but the menfolk had planned ahead and passed mints under the table. Afterward we went back to the house and watched "Tombstone." I don't remember much except that when Jay got up to go to the bathroom I whispered to A, "I really like him!" He even held my hand! *blush*

Then we decided to brave the party at Delt. As we expected, Delt was not exactly a happy place. There were beer bottles being thrown from third floor windows to the patio below and a lot of yelling. But the band was good and there much dancing to be done, so we made the best of it. It also didn't stink that, as Jay and I were walking through the house holding hands, we passed a guy that I had dated the previous year. He was alone.

Jay and I returned to the sorority house and watched TV until the other two guys were ready to leave. I walked him to his car and we said goodbye. I gave Jay my number and he said he would call. As they drove away, instead of becoming immediately anxious about whether or not he would really call, I felt a sense of peace, like things were going to work out exactly how they should.

And they did.


martha said...

I'm giggling and crying all at once!

HP said...

So sweet!!

I've eaten at Marvin's (high school trip to visit older siblings and hang out at college parties) and it is stinky!! Good thing they brought mints!

Orangeblossoms said...

awwwww..... good story.

Eleanor Oi said...

I am catching up on Jay's life vicariously through you Mary Beth and your blog. Thank you for the gift!

This post struck me and I had to comment, and share my recollections of Jay's side of the story I remember the day he met you. Back then Jay and I were emailing each other almost every day. He told me he had met this really nice woman from DePauw when he went there Rollerblading. I could just tell from the way he was describing you that you were different, special and one who really meant a lot to him. There were many long emails there after describing you in detail and the way he felt about you. Jay was in love with you I think from the first moment he met you that day. I was always very happy he had finally found someone to share his life with, and his whole attitude about life changed after that day.