Monday, January 07, 2008

Things to Make Me Blow My Drink Out of My Nose

The scene: Joshua's room. We're putting together his new Solar System Puzzle for the umpteenth time. He's gotten the hang of the pieces, so now we're working on identifying the planets. He's especially taken with Venus, probably because it's located at the bottom of the puzzle where he has a good view of it. I ask him to identify the letters in Venus.

Mama: What's that letter?

Joshua: V!

Mama: And that one? (We continue on)

Joshua: E. N. U. S!

Mama: What does that spell?

Joshua: JOSHUA!

A few minutes later he becomes interested in the blue planets at the top of the puzzle.

Joshua: What's that one?

Mama: Neptune.

Joshua: What's that one?

Mama: Uranus. (Yoo-Rey-Nuhs)

Joshua: That's Joshua's Ranus!

I love my job.


martha said...

Ah, a fresh update on the old joke! A bright future for this one, huh?

anna said...

Ahh, yes when motherhood really matters!

You should begin a book, right now today, of all those cute sayings. I think between 2-3 were some of the best sayings for both Sydney and David and I wish I had a book of all those kind of things.

Gran said...

I couldn't agree more. Mary Beth needs to pursue a literary career. Her writing is excellent. I know I'm a little biased.

Mary Beth said...

I think she just meant that I should keep a record, not that I'm going to write the next great American novel. :) As for the literary career, I'm working on it as we speak.

Thanks mom!

Kat E said...

Too funny. Last time I was at my folks', somehow planets came up, and I was informed by my sister (who is in college and therefore has all the current answers) that they're now pronouncing it "YER-eh-nus". Maybe the professors got sick of all the jokes?

Mary Beth said...

I usually pronounce it that way, too, but as soon as Joshua asked I was possessed by the spirit of a 12-year-old boy and couldn't resist pronouncing it the way I did just to see what Joshua would say. I'm bad. I know it.

Orangeblossoms said...

You're the kind of bad that's really, so, so very good..... Glad about that 12 year old boy thing. I needed a laugh!

justagirl said...

Oh my..........