Thursday, April 17, 2008

Need New Babies. Mine Keep Growing Up

Clare's first tooth finally broke through this morning. She's seriously considering crawling, although she still finds rolling much more effective. (That's an 18-month dress on my 8.5-month-old daughter, by the way.)

And Joshua--geez whiz, Joshua. He informed me the other day that the batteries were dead in one of his toys, so I showed him how to use Vati's screwdriver to open to battery cover. We took out the batteries and replaced the cover. I promised him he could put the new batteries in after we bought them. Fast forward a few minutes when he asked for the screwdriver again. I gave it to him and went to clean up the kitchen. When I peaked in on him five minutes later he had taken the cover off of another toy, removed the dead batteries, and was in the process of putting the cover back on. When we bought new batteries later that day, he repeated the process again on the first toy, asking for help only to get the screw going in the right direction as he replaced the cover. He even got the polarities correct when he put the batteries in.

Sure, it makes life easier for me. But now all of the battery-operated toys work again and I have a headache.


Laura said...

You go, Joshua! MB, that cracks me up. And by the way, Clare may be in 18 month clothes at 8.5 months, but at 3, Tyler is still fitting into a couple of 12-18 month pairs of shorts. Kids. :)

anna said...

Too stinkin cute and smart. Watch out for Clare or she'll be learning these tricks at an even quicker pace. I'm amazed at what Johnathan picks up from David. And I remember having to "hide" the screwdriver for awhile because David wanted to take everything apart. He wasn't too interested in actually putting it back together though like Joshua.

And don't worry David was always wearing clothes that were 6 months to a year older then him and then he even out...he can still wear some 2T stuff (which honestly was huge to begin with but that's a whole other post)

And yep Johnathan on the other hand is still wearing 3-6 month pants for the most part. Go figure!

The best part though are you kiddos look very happy and very healthy and that means you must be the best mommy in the world to them and that's all that counts.

(sorry I wrote a book in your comments section)