Sunday, May 03, 2009

21 Months

Clare is 21 months old today.  In two weeks she will be the same age that Joshua was when she was born.  In the past month or so she has turned into a complete joy to be around.  Not that I haven't always cherished being with her, but her personality is just turned on full blast these days.  And I was reminded the other day that Jay and I sort of missed out on this age with Joshua because we were so preoccupied with her first few weeks of life.  That just makes watching her at this stage so much sweeter.  

She's had a lot of words for awhile, but it feels like she's become fully conversational just in the last few weeks.  "What do you want to read before bed tonight?"  "Gruffalo!"  "How are you?" "Good!"  And Joshua's favorite question: "What's the matter with you?" To which she answers, "Happy!"

She's a charmer who's never met a stranger. While Joshua has always been an observer who wants to sit back and take everything in before participating, she's the first one to try something new.  Wherever we go--storytime, playtime at the gym, mom's group--she has a hug for each of the adults she sees.  When we take Joshua to school she asks for her friends whom she knows she'll see there.  She's even started picking up on adult's names and knows that her friend Emma rides in a Jeep.  She takes her brother to the floor in wrestling matches and they seem to enjoy each other now more than ever.  Joshua, who loves church, even asked to stay in the church nursery today so that he could watch after her.  While we realize that may have been a ploy to score an extra hour of playtime, we were also glad to know that he was able to at least feign empathy for her.

She is so different from her brother, and yet I see that she has so many of the gifts that he had at her age.  She's no puzzler or Lego-er or letter recognizer--yet--but she has managed to learn to be gentle and kind to other people, quite a feat having grown up around her brother who is nice to everyone but her.  She doesn't have his attention span, but she has an unbridled joy that allows her to enjoy everything she does--except when she doesn't.  She's a little stinker--always looking to see if I'm watching her get ready to do the very thing I just told her not to do, but mostly all in fun.  

I can't believe she's almost two.  And I'm enjoying every second of it.

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