Sunday, July 29, 2012

Blogging from NYC, Day 4

We woke up ready for our last day and headed to St. Peter's Episcopal Love Kitchen in the Bronx. It was a long ride, but were glad to be in the train and not out in the rain.  We were greeted by Rosemarie who, it seems, runs the show.  Mother Joade, the rector, was in Israel learning Hebrew, so we didn't get to meet her.  We were shown downstairs to the dining area where we rolled silverware, prepared fruit cocktail bowls, and a few other tasks before the diners arrived.  We didn't  serve as many as they typically serve...the regular volunteers said that it was because of the rain.  But we enjoyed serving the guests at their seats, restaurant style, and making sure they had everything they needed.

We were joined in our efforts by a group from the public school down the street.  Their teacher told me that they are new to the school system and don't speak English, so her job is to work with them the summer prior to their enrollment so that they can be more prepared for school. They might not have spoken English but they definitely spoke Cute Girl as they ogled the young ladies in our group.  It was cute.  After we finished serving, we ate ourselves, and then got a tour of the church.  It was breathtaking.

We headed back to YSOP (from almost one end to the other on the 6 train) for our final debriefing time.  We said goodbye to our friends from MN, took some final photos, and I said a nearly-teary goodbye to Lisa, whom I love so dearly and was so happy to reconnect with.  Then we had a hunt to go on.

On our way back to YSOP we had seen trailers and signs to the filming of Law and Order: SVU.  Once we were done at YSOP, we followed the signs.  We never saw the actual set, but we did see Mariska Hargity's chair!  *Squeal!*

Our next stop was the TKTS office at South Street Seaport to see about show tickets for Friday.  It was 6:01pm when we got there. The office closed at 6:00.  Oops.  So we headed back in the direction whence we came in order to go to the 9/11 Memorial.  Note to anyone interested:  You have to have reservations to go to the memorial.  We spent awhile there, and Olivia found the name of the man whose family she'd been praying for since she was in the third grade.  We headed back to our own neighborhood and had a fantastic dinner at the Metro Diner.  Then we went home to get enough sleep for Friday.

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