Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Blogging from NYC

Way back in the Fall, I started looking for a mission trip for the senior high students.  To the person, they wanted to go to New York City, so I started looking for a suitable trip.  I wanted an opportunity that provided a good foundation for understanding homelessness, hunger, and poverty. I checked the UMVIM website to find our mission partners in New York City and found Youth Service Opportunities Project.  I gave them a call and found out that one of the people I loved most from seminary just happened to be the program director.  Figuring that this was an obvious sign from the almighty, and over the moon that I reconnected with an amazing woman, I began the process of planning the trip.  Flying was cheaper than taking a charter bus, a hostel seemed the perfect opportunity for getting a real feel for the city, and everything fell into place.  Mostly.

Sunday was chaotic, as one might expect.  I spent Saturday on the phone with Delta trying to get them to honor the contract that stated explicitly that I was allowed to change the names of up to 50% of my passengers up to 24 hours prior to the outbound flight.  One of our adult leaders had to bow out at the last minute due to health issues in her family, and we were able to find someone to go in her place at the last minute.  Once that was resolved, all was well.  I met our new mission team member for the first time on Sunday morning, the team was commissioned in both services, and we left after lunch to get to the airport in Nashville.

All was well.  Our flight was a bit late, but it landed at the time it was scheduled to land.  We waited for 45 minutes for the M60, but finally made it to the hostel and to our beds by a little after midnight, ready to start our adventure the next morning. Early.


Jennifer said...

Glad you made it safely; I have been following Jane on Twitter and it appears that you all are busy but also having fun. You are all in my thoughts and thoughts.

Patsy said...

I hope that you can walk in St. Patrick's Cathedral at 5th and 50th, walk around or sit for a moment and/or put some change in the box for the poor. It is a glorious experience and landmark. It is right across the street from Rockefeller Center also.
I hope your mission time and fun time are the very best.

Love from,
Patsy Camp