Monday, June 05, 2006


So, when I checked my blog this morning it was completely intact. When I came home from the training I had to attend today and my mommy/baby picnic with Joshua, half of the template had been erased.


I'm working on rebuilding it now. If I previously linked to you and it doesn't appear now, it will soon.

What a pain.

Update: So it didn't take as long as I thought to rebuild, but it did blow the only free evening I have this week. Jay suggested I save the template in case this happens again. Is he a genius or what?


Jennifer said...

Blogger does crazy things sometimes. I built my own template, and learned the hard way to save the html version in Word!

Angela said...

Blogger goes crazy all the time! That's why I ended up moving over to TypePad. Glad you got it up and running again!