Monday, August 28, 2006

Mom Needs Book Recommendations

As I’ve mentioned before, I tend to educate myself on a need-to-know basis.

Well, now I need to know.

We’re getting to the point in Joshua’s young life where his daily existence is becoming slightly more complicated than eat, sleep, play. So far I think we’ve done a pretty good job…at least we haven’t done any major damage as far as we can tell. But I’d like to be a little more prepared for the upcoming months and years.

I would appreciate any and all book recommendations regarding cognitive, emotional, social, and physical development (both general information and how to encourage development in those areas). I am also interested in reading more about infant and toddler health and nutrition.

So bring it on! Books-a-Million is waiting for me!


gavin richardson said...

ah the favs of childrens books..

throwing this out there, but eric carl(?) author of "brown bear brown bear" has some great books.

"good night moon" is a good one, i had black and white pages too, good for early years.

i love the "click clack moo" or "giggle giggle quack" series. two books they are fun and have stuffed animals that you can get with them.

for more older children.. "stinky cheese man" is hilarious

i got "walter the farting dog" books for my nephews, they love them.. hilarious for adults too

i could come up with some more, i'd just have to think about it for a second more

Mary Beth said...

Gavin you make me laugh!

While I will keep an eye out for Walter the Farting Dog, I was looking for books for me to read about child development, health, and nutrition.

I have heard about Click, Clack, Moo, as well, which I will also look for! There's a first birthday coming up soon!


anna said...

While the what to "Expect When You are Expecting" book doesn't do justice for pregnancy imo, The What to Expect the Toddler years is really really good. It covers alot of areas and gives pretty good "What your child should be doing" sections.

A good health reference book is
Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child
It's great because it gives conventional, homeopathic, nutrition, ect, means of treating most diseses. As well as some good info on immunizations.

That's all I got off the top of my head but give me a day or two and I'll see if I have more.

Jennifer said...

Well, I was going to suggest The Devil Wears Prada, but I see you're already reading it... :)

I read every book on the market when my child was your child's age. I did everything by the book. I breastfed until age 1. I cooked and mashed organic carrots for her to eat instead of buying baby food. I ironed onesies. I ironed onesies! And ya know what? My kid is just as messed up all the formula-drinking, Gerber-eating, wrinkled-onesie-wearing kids. My advice? Read Walter the Farting Dog, eat chocolate, and be happy! :D

Ruth said...

I LOVE that advice from Jennifer. I was the same with my first child. I even used to sterilise the pans before cooking his carrots in them!

I agree with Jennifer - the fun begins for you both now, as you can start taking him to toddler groups and museums and libraries and ... the world is going to become your oyster! Enjoy!

On food and nutrition I like Annabel karmel: Superfoods for babies and children (don't be too disappointed if he doesn't eat it though!!)

With queries on development I like the following websites:

You can easily worry needlessly though if your child isn't marrying up with the milestones that they outline.

gavin richardson said...

yeah, sorry.. can't say that i read the mom books.. take the advice of someone who has been there &:~)

mrshammer said...

Anything by Dr. Dobson or a parenting book published by 'Focus on the Family' is GREAT!

Laura Cochran said...


I'm jumping on the band wagon with the people telling you not to read too much. I drove myself nuts the first few months doing that. I now have a copy of all three "what to expect" that I use only for reference. Relax, enjoy Joshua, and accept the fact that babies will do what ever they like whenever they like.

My vbest advice, find a group of moms with kids the same age as Joshua and use them as a sounding board. Try classes such as Kindermusik or Gymboree (I recommend Kindermusik, but that's what Ty and I have been doing for the last year), and just have fun.

Jenny said...

yeah, yeah... I enjoy the Baby Center info and take it with a grain of salt... Talk with friends with kids... And don't put too much stock in what other kids are doing; everyone does at his/her own pace. Of course, if Joshua is 6 and still not talking/walking, that might indicate a problem, but you know what I mean...

Mary Beth said...

Gee, thanks guys. How am I going to be completely neurotic and convince myself that I'm a lousy mom if I don't have a book in front of me to point it out?

But really, thanks for the feedback!

anna said...

MB, Yeah I'm a neurotic but only because I absolutely wasn't with Sydney. I didn't read a single book out there. I had no idea you actually had to teach discipline and that no your kid should be drinking soda at age 2. While she survived just fine I do wonder if I could have skipped some major problems if I had been a little more informed. Then again on the other hand I also didn't know that you weren't suppose to teach ABCs and mathmatics (not just counting but adding and subtracting) and reading to 2 year olds and that giving your child a potty seat at age 1 and teaching her to use it was looked down upon by some. So it all works out in the end.

With David I'm a neurotic book reader. I take everything with a grain of salt but I'd rather be informed then not.

This next one will probably be more seat of the pants as I expect the 2 older ones to really do the raising and I just get to eat chocolate chip cookie dough. Right?! :)

Read as much as you can handle but remember that every kid is different and only you will know whether or not something is working for Joshua.

Rightthinker said...

I agree with Anna, (and Mrshammer with the Focus on the Family stuff) in that reading parenting books can be a blessing and a curse!

The first problem with books on child rearing is that they can't possibly be designed for every type of child. You better believe if you have a child, they will not fit all the parenting books you have read! Not to mention, YOU are the best expert on your children.

Probably the most important thing to do is to read several books and develop YOUR parenting philosophy. That way, when you do things like 1) take your child to the ped, 2) choose schools, 3) discipline, 4) reward, etc., you come at it with knowledge and amazes me how many parents are strong-armed and poo-poo'd by their children's pediatrician, schools, etc.

YOU are the biggest expert on YOUR child. ;) All four of mine have such tremendous similarities and differences, that no one could know them better, or what is 'normal' for them, than me and their father!

anna said...

oops I just reread mine....

It should say...

"no your child should not be drinking soda at age 2"

Rightthinker said...

I think, given the context, we all knew what you meant! :)

Anonymous said...

From a grandma - I recently re-read books I used with my kids, and even though a lot that we moms did then is not recommended now, somehow the kids grew up relatively mentally and physically healthy. It will all change again by the time your grandchildren arrive and they'll be fine too. The trust your judgement - don't compare - trust your knowledge of your own child is very good advice. And of course love them goes without saying . . .

Anonymous said...

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