Wednesday, August 23, 2006

One Sunday, Two Churches

Sunday was a banner day for the church-hunters. In the morning we attended the Big Downtown Church (hereafter referred to as BDC) and I really enjoyed it. It was more liturgical that any of the others we’ve visited. Hymn selections were good. Choir, check. The sermon wasn't delivered by the Senior Pastor, but I'm looking forwrd to hearing him preach soon. The nursery was super. This being our fourth week, we’ve finally cracked the nursery code: Pick up Joshua before the service is over since he seems to start his meltdown about 45 minutes after being deposited. Jay dropped him off in the nursery and was provided with a pager. When I went to get him he was sitting quite contentedly in the lap of one of the nursery workers, sippy cup in hand. She said that he had been a little teary at first but ended up being fine. The Information Desk lady was on the lookout for us since our neighbors, who also attend the church, had told her we would be there. That was nice. The church is very mission-oriented, both locally and abroad. It’s also multi-generational…lots of activities for all different ages. I like that.

In the evening we went to an ice cream social at the Small Nearby Church (hereafter referred to as SNC). Our other neighbors, as well as the people from whom we purchased our house, go to this church. We haven’t been there on Sunday morning because their worship service coincides almost exactly with Joshua’s morning nap, and there’s very little that I will allow to get between my child and his nap, even church. So we decided to take them up on their offer. The District Superintendent happened to be there, so I got to meet her. And most people already knew who we were when we showed up (“Oh, are you the people who bought X and Y’s house?” We started to feel guilty after awhile, like we’d kicked them out or something). There were a surprising number of infants, children, and youth there as well. It was extremely friendly and reminded me a lot of the church I just left.

I think Jay is going to go to SNC on Sunday. Joshua and I may meet him for lunch afterwards (they have potluck lunch every Sunday) or we may go to BDC. I haven’t decided yet. But either way it’s good to know that we’ve found a place we like and one to which we’re happy to return.


Mom said...

In a conversation with the parent of children who live in a small town in Vermont, she also related that everyone associated them with the ones who bought "so and so's" house. Life in a small town.

Jennifer said...

Certainly better than the first one you visited! That's awesome.

Anonymous said...

Good luck! Church shopping is so hard!! -Darby