Friday, August 25, 2006

Small Things Are Good for the Soul

Several of the vendors at our Farmer’s Market accept WIC. From what I understand, WIC doesn’t typically cover the purchase of fresh produce, so it’s nice that families who need WIC can buy fresh fruits and vegetables if they like. Also, I saw an interesting sight yesterday. Our Farmer’s Market is located in an area of town that includes a lot of soup kitchens and other outreach programs to the homeless, so there are more than a handful of indigent folks hanging out. I saw a homeless man pull up his chair at one of the vendor’s tables and cut up some tomato and cucumber from the vendor’s bounty. I’m not sure if the first gentlemen received the food because he had helped the vendor, or if he just needed something to eat and the vendor gave it to him. Heck, for all I know he bought the food, but even if he did it was good for the soul to see the vendor share his table with someone he probably wouldn’t normally sit down and share a meal with.

Last night Jay and I attended a faculty/staff dinner at the university. We were standing in the buffet line when I glanced over and saw a woman with whom I had gone to church when I was younger. We expressed mutual surprise at seeing each other. She and her husband both teach there. We talked for a few minutes before she had to leave for another event, but also exchanged phone numbers. We talked for almost two hours this morning, catching up on each other’s lives and giving her the chance to help me make some sense of what is expected of me in the next few weeks at the university (there are lots of social-ish events coming up that I’m trying to negotiate. These are made even more difficult by the fact that I also have an infant). So after these next few crazy weeks are over we’re going to get together. It’s been good for my soul to have someone nearby with whom I have such an extensive shared history, and with whom I can talk about so much.

We left Joshua with my cousin and his girlfriend last night. As the report goes, things went well for awhile before going south. David and Amanda did just fine, but Joshua has apparently hit that great age where he wants mom and no one else will do. I was gone for all of two hours, but when I returned home, Amanda was pushing Joshua in his stroller, which was what I advised as a last resort. She said he’d been crying off and on for an hour but that she didn’t want to disturb my evening. But as soon as I picked him up and we snuggled for a second, he was fine. I hate that the kid was so upset, but at the same time it feels good to know that only I will do.

Big things are good for the soul, too. Like this big thing that came yesterday afternoon.

No more handwashing dishes that just came out of the dishwasher!


Jennifer said...

I hate that the kid was so upset, but at the same time it feels good to know that only I will do.

See, now I never got to experience that. Noelle has never met a stranger she didn't love, and I was always the last person she wanted! =(

The experience at the farmer's market is indeed nourishment for the soul.

Mom said...

I agonized for about 2 yrs. over leaving a crying child. I was sure she would be scarred for life from separation anxiety. Before I knew it she had "separated" from me to IN, MA, CA, and IL. So much for that worry.

TLS said...

Lots of small farmers donate to soup kitchens and homeless shelters. Our CSA (community supported agriculture) has a program with low-income families in Dorchester to provide fresh fruits and veggies. In many low-income neighborhoods fresh produce is not available, even at local supermarkets!!!!

You should check out the CSAs in your area for next year. Buying a share is a good way to support local farmers, get fresh produce and help local indigent populations at the same time. Check out the website:

Then you can go to the farmers market to supplement your share!!

We LOVE it!!!!

Mary Beth said...

Unfortunately we don't have a CSA in our area. I think there are some in Nashville and Memphis, but then the tradeoff becomes burning fossil fuels!

The Thief said...

I hated that Jonathan would scream his head off for babysitters - he once screamed for the entire time we were at a staff Christmas party. But at that point, he would have been doing the same for us as well. eh.

Now, with Andrew, as long as you cuddle him and/or give him a bottle, he doesn't care who you are.