Sunday, December 03, 2006


Joshua has no use for us anymore.

This week he started walking, really walking, as in, it's now his preferred mode of moving himself from one place to another. And he wants to do it all the time.

Before he was walking our days were spent playing with his toys, puzzles, games, books, etc. No more. He just wants to walk. He'll spend a few minutes after getting up from either his morning or afternoon nap playing with me, pulling all of his toys out of his toybox or off his shelf, or pulling things out of drawers or cabinets. Sometimes he'll stop at his activity table, sometimes he'll stop and bang on the pots and pans, but not for a terribly long time. What he really wants to do is walk. I've tried following him around, but I think it just annoys him.

So I have to find other things to do since my little playmate is toddling about the house. I cook or fold laundry and every once in a while he shows up in the room where I am, just to make sure I'm still around, and then he leaves again. It's funny but a little disconcerting. I'm not quite sure of my role anymore and he doesn't seem to be in any hurry to clue me in.

As a side note, all this newfound walking has convinced him that he's a big kid. I dropped him off in the nursery today and he immediately walked up to a girl twice his size and pulled the pacifier right out of her mouth (I'm not sure why he wanted hers. We could never get him to take a pacifier). When we went in to pick him up he was in the middle of a group of four or five three-year-olds who were playing together. He was just standing there, waving his arms, like "Look at me! I'm big too!" Just as we walked in Jay saw the girl whose pacifier he had stolen earlier body check him. He landed right on his bottom and started to wail. We explained to him that if you steal a girl's pacifier she's gonna beat you up, but I'm not sure he understood.

He will one day.


Darby said...

"If you steal a girl's pacifier she sill beat you up" Love it!!! Katie did the same thing with other kids pacifiers. She never took one herself, but once she started interacting with other kids who did she was always stealing them! I didn't understand it either.

Jennifer said...

I understand your pain of a child who wants nothing to do with you. Mine just turned 12 and alas, I no longer exist.

martha said...

You could affix a video camera to a hat, stick it on him and get some nice footage.

Kat E said...

Congrats, it sounds like you officially have a "toddler"! I second the video camera idea.