Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Thoughts

Last night I finally finished Richard's Stearns' The Hole in Our Gospel. He's the President of World Vision and he has quite the story to tell. He had spent his life climbing the corporate ladder until he was the CEO of Lenox, and then he got the call from World Vision that they wanted him to serve as their President. He's traveled all over the world and seen the unimaginable in all of its corners. He presents all sorts of statistics about hunger, poverty, deaths from preventable diseases, and the effects of AIDS in developing countries. At the same time, however, he encourages readers NOT to be overwhelmed by these statistics. Becoming overwhelmed, he says, can give us the impression that there's nothing one person can do to make a difference. But each of us can do something to change the lives of people who know such despair.

As a result of the book, and of my own discipline of doing my best to live only with what I need (I know, I've already blown it), I've become much more interested in the problem of hunger, both in this country and around the world. I've been poking around at Bread for the World and ONE. I was already getting emails from ONE, but I often deleted them before reading them since they got bogged down in all of the other junk email I was getting. So today I unsubscribed to about 20 email sources. I hope that this will make the emails that I get from ONE and Bread for the World stand out in greater relief when they show up in my inbox.

Anyway, both sites have given me more to think about, as have the different pages on Stearns' website that give concrete ways that individuals can take action to address hunger and poverty.

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