Friday, March 11, 2011

Taking Things for Granted

There are already a few things that I am aware of that I will be sacrificing for Lent. In the spirit of not purchasing anything that isn't necessary, I will be giving up:
  • The new running shoes that I was going to buy as I train for my first 5K. The race is the Saturday after Easter, so I will probably forgo them altogether since it's probably not a good idea to run 3 miles in shoes that aren't broken in.
  • Haircut, eyebrow wax, and pedicure I was going to get in anticipation for the Flavors of Memphis event on March 27. Good thing I haven't given Molly her dress back from the last Flavors event. ;) Maybe I should do that. I don't like this much. My hair is dry and split and desperately needs a trim. My eyebrows are neanderthal, and my feet are not pretty. The dinner was going to be my excuse to do all of that. Not anymore! In fact, the only reason I'm allowing myself that one luxury meal is because we already paid for it.
  • Books, books, and books. I would love to have these books that I found on Simple Mom's recommended reading list, and my friend Sarah also recommended a great-sounding book called Chasing Francis. But those will have to wait. Jay asked last night if I could accept gifts, but I think that goes against the spirit of what I'm trying to do.
It's a good thing that the only coupon from Living Social that came in today on my email was 10 units of botox. Wasn't hard to delete than one.

These are just things I take for granted. When I want them, I just go out and get them without thought of price, convenience, or impact.

Now I will think about them. Especially as I get ready for my first Saturday of fasting tomorrow.

Edited to add:

There's one other thing... in keeping with our family tradition of only hanging art in our house created by local artists or people we know, I was really looking forward to this Senior Art Show at Lambuth. I know I'm going to love her work, and I imagine that we will want some of it to come home with us. In this case I may have to accept a gift from Jay.


Gina said...

No need to break or bend the rules for the art show. Jay can buy something for himself and put it in his house- which just happens to be your house too. :). You sre beautiful- eyebrows and all.

Anonymous said...

I second what Gina said. I thought you looked beautiful when I saw you yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Running shoes: if you've run more than 500 miles in them, you should probably replace them in order to prevent injury to back, legs, and feet (the older or more used a shoe is, the lower the amount of available support, cushioning, etc.)