Friday, October 21, 2011

Birthday Fun

A workday, midweek birthday isn't exactly recipe for a rockin' good time, but it was certainly made extra-special by a staff serenade of Happy Birthday during our weekly staff meeting. Then Jay picked me up from work and we went to Memphis for dinner.

I had a place in mind, but when Jay sent me the menu for Circa, I thought we should try that. And wouldn't you know that in a city of 700,000 people covering 300 square miles, the restaurant we chose was right next to Cokesbury. Seriously.

But it was fabulous. The walls are lined with wine bottles. The food is superb. I had the spinach salad with goat cheese (not shown on the menu), the Sorghum Cured Rack of Lamb (hold me!), and the hot chocolate souffle. Jay had the House Salad, the Maple Leaf Farms Duck Breast (the menu doesn't show it, but it also came with foie gras), and the Artisan Cheese Plate.

I only have one complaint. We ordered the Crawfish Beignets for an appetizer but the server forgot them. By the time we realized they weren't coming we had already been served our main courses and didn't really want to put it in reverse to go back to the appetizer. So he applied a $25 coupon to our ticket, which covered dessert. But I still never ate crawfish beignets. Sad.

All in all a great experience, topped off by great conversation with my soul mate on the way home.

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