Tuesday, October 11, 2011

When We Left Off...

So, after Lent was over I didn't say much more about what I learned. Honestly, I'm still processing it all. But one thing that was clear was that I could do a much better job of living simply.

Then I discovered Crunchy Betty. Any thoughts I had ever entertained about the possibility of reducing my dependence on things purchased at the store found a home right here. For years my family has been committed to eating locally--I can't tell you the last time I bought meat in a store--but I just knew there was more out there to help me get by with less.

So in the last few months I have been experimenting in my kitchen. Here are some of the changes I've made.
  1. I wash my face with local, raw honey. I know you think that sounds nuts, but try it for two weeks and you might just never go back to soap or cleanser or whatever else you use. Just honey. That's it.
  2. I make my own laundry detergent. My first try was a powder and it was fine, but I ran out quickly. On my second try I used too much Zote and ended up with a gelatinous goo. Fortunately I was still able to use it. On my third try I hit the jackpot. And the best part is that my children love to help make it, and in turn they love doing their own laundry. No, really, they do.
  3. I make my own deodorant. Yeah, that sounds shady, I know. The first recipe I tried worked well for a few weeks and then let me down. Then I tried another, simpler recipe which has been faithful to me for awhile, even through a 5K and an overnight canoe trip with the youth group.
  4. I make my own all-purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, and heavy duty cleaner. I love them all.
I've recently run into some concoctions for homemade stain removers, and I think those will be my next experiments.

I love doing this because it's cheap and because I know exactly what's going on my 'pits, on my laundry, and on my countertops. I don't worry about my children touching cleaner, and I feel like that in itself is just a healthier way to live.

If you're feeling a little froggy, give it a try!


Jenny said...

okay, first. Honey? do you use a moisturizer with or is this sufficient for both cleansing and moisture? I'm intrigued.
second. the deodorant. I read Crunchy Betty's follow-up and comments on hers and wonder if you've experienced any of these itchy, burny or rashy experiences. Also where does one get the ingredients (I mean besides the baking soda)? I am intrigued (again).

Mary Beth said...

I do still use a moisturizer, usually Neutrogena, but only in the morning before I put on makeup.

I did have a day where I felt burny and itchy, but it only lasted a day. (The whole day I was thinking about her comment that she felt like someone lit a burrito on fire in her armpit). And since then all has been well.

I get all of my ingredients that I can't find locally on Amazon.

Vanessa said...

We have been trying to use up our household products and replacing them with natural substitutes for the past year. Toothpaste, deodorant, all cleaning products, laundry detergent, bug repellant (for human and garden), face care products, hand soap, etc. have been our experiments so far. I love the book "Making It" by Coyne and Knutze who also wrote "The Urban Homestead".