Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Peace in the Valley

For most of the day Saturday, Sunday, and Monday I was in a fog. I took my kids to the Mardi Gras Parade on Saturday morning and spent most of my time there in a daze. I got it together a little more to go see The Secret World of Arriety with sweet friends, although I was glad to lose myself in a movie. And I got to see my girl Olivia play basketball between the movie and dinner, which was awesome. By Sunday I was a little more with it, and Monday was even better, although I was still searching for words and not quite coherent. Jay slept most of the day on Saturday, entertained kids on Sunday while I was working, and seemed to be well on Monday. We didn't do much talking about heavy stuff--just poked around on the TV trying to find mindless entertainment.

But by Monday I was peaceful. Last Fall I went to the hospital be with a church family, a member of which was undergoing major surgery. I remember so vividly what was said: "I know that people must be praying for us. I know because there's no other reason for me to have felt such peace throughout this whole process."

Those words have stuck with me, and they define exactly how I have felt for the past few days. I have been at peace. And I think back over how many FB messages I have received, how many emails I've received, and I realize that there is this indescribable peace in knowing that so many people care so deeply.

We have read every message, every comment on status updates, every e-mail, but don't really know if we can ever express how powerful your words have been to us, how tightly we have clung to them, or how they have helped us to hang on. Please know that every single word you have shared with us has made a profound difference on our journey. We will never be able to express how much. Or how humbled we are that so many people care. It is truly overwhelming.

We aren't through yet, but the road seems to be rising to meet us.

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Anonymous said...

I didn't get the change tonight to give you the big hug I was planning on all day. Just know next time I see you it is coming. Our continued prayers for your wonderful family.
Love, Toni