Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Because It's Not All Bad

I've gained at least six pounds since Jay's transplant.  For several reasons.  One is that there's only so much hospital food that tastes good, and those yogurt parfaits aren't exactly low calorie.  The second is that I am in food heaven.  You can't swing a dead cat around here (either at the hospital or downtown) without hitting someplace unbelievably tasty to eat.  So let's go in chronological order:

  1. San Antonio Taco Company (Satco, if you're in the know).  There are two locations.  One is downtown and one is a few blocks from Vanderbilt Hospital.  The chips and queso will make you want to smack someone, and I never found a single taco that I didn't want to clone and take home with me.  The atmosphere is quite lovely on the porch.
  2. The Mellow Mushroom.  Even the gluten-free pizza crust was fantastic.  Sarah and I got half Hawaiian and half Mega Veggie.  It was, in fact, a pretty mellow place and I think I found a new favorite place for pizza.
  3. Noshville.  You really have to make sure that your partner isn't experiencing a psychotic break when you eat at Noshville.  Wait.  You really have to make sure your partner isn't experiencing a psychotic break PERIOD.  But even if he is, the food will still be great.  I got a breakfast bowl once, but every other time I've gone I've gotten the reuben.  There's no reason to get anything else.  
  4. Puckett's Grocery.  I went to the one in Franklin with the senior adults from church, so I was thrilled to know that there was another one a block from our apartment.  I usually get the 4-veggie plate, but I also recently got the Fried Green Tomato BLT.  Yum!  I don't think it's possible to go wrong here.
  5. The Old Spaghetti Factory.  I'm pretty sure I'll have to turn in my FOODIE badge since I only discovered in the past week that Old Spaghetti Factory is a chain.  I just never would have guessed.  It was the go-to place for big occasions when I was growing up.  I remember celebrating a birthday with my parents in the red trolley.  The discovery was disappointing, but it didn't stop me from eating there.  
  6. Taco Mamacita.  The best part is the "two tacos and one side" deal.  Or maybe the fact that I have documented proof that Taylor Swift dines there.  Again, I've eaten there three times and have never been disappointed with a single bite that I put in my mouth.
  7. Burger Up.  Everything comes from local farms and it is unbelievable.  On the day that we went the special was the Greek Lamb Burger.  It was, without a doubt, the best burger I've ever eaten.  I almost ordered another one.  Next door is Las Paletas, a gourmet popsicle store.  I'm glad we didn't pass that one.  I had chocolate chili and Jay had Mexican hot chocolate.  We were both very happy.
  8. Riverview Marina.  My dad called up on Friday with a hankering for catfish on the river.  So we went.  It was a beautiful drive and a beautiful day to sit and look at the water.  And the catfish was wonderful.
  9. Edley's.  Jereme brought this to us one night.  The turkey was pretty great and the sides were tasty, but I couldn't tell the difference between their pulled pork and ribs, and everyone else's pulled pork and ribs.
  10. Batter'd and Fried.  I'll admit that the only reason I picked this place was because I heard that Ben Folds had been spotted there once.  He wasn't there, but I did find a hearty helping of clam strips, haddock, shrimp, and fries.  I don't know that I need to go back, but it was good for a quick and easy lunch.  
  11. Fido.  I'm including Fido even though we ate there way back when we were here for our evaluation. The food was excellent.  I had the huevos rancheros and a good cry, and I'd go back in a heartbeat.
Looking back on it, I think my evaluation of my dining experiences directly correlates to whether Jay was in or out of the hospital.  The food that seemed to taste best was that which I ate when someone dragged me out of the hospital and made me eat something other than "The Health Plate" from the hospital cafeteria.  (The cafeteria food is actually quite good, and I am grateful for The Health Plate, but you can only walk into a place so many times before it gets old).

That said, I am so grateful to those who forced me to take a walk and find some tasty food.  And I'm grateful to spend some time in a city where there is so much good food to be had. And I'm REALLY grateful for people with whom I can enjoy it!


Anonymous said...

As a fellow foodie, i thoroughly enjoyed this blog my friend. i am so glad that you have gained six pounds...that is well deserved stress eating. I was pregnant when Geo had his kidney failure so i indulged in a bit of stress eating myself...Javi wasn't 9 pounds 6 ounces for no reason! Love you and keep on eatin'

Anonymous said...

I have it on good authority that Ben Folds lives a couple of blocks north of Noshville on Broadway and theres some short, fat obnoxious guy I know (am) that almost knocked him over a couple of months ago at that very location. I suggest that you and Jay order the "We Dare Ya'" breakfast to split at 10:30 am on a Friday morning and wait for that scarf wearing Chachi to make anappearance.

Kingwell said...

I've seen you eat two can get ugly but we have a local place here where the lamb burger sounds similarly sublime. I'm glad you are making the best of a foodie opportunity.

I am cracking up a bit that you didn't know about the Old Spaghetti Factory, but as a chain, they do what they do well. I had my 16th birthday party there and have fond memories.