Saturday, April 07, 2012

To All the Beds I've Loved Before

Tonight I will be sleeping in my own bed for the first time in nearly three weeks. As I tried to wrap my head around that, I began to reminisce about all the places I've spent the night since March 20.

March 19 was my last night in my own bed, and even then I only slept for about an hour. Since then, I've spent
  • 5 nights on the foldout bed/in the recliner in two different SICU rooms
  • 1 night on the couch in my dad's guestroom
  • 1 night in the king-size bed in our apartment
  • 3 nights on a rollaway cot on 10-South during Crazy Week
  • 8 more nights in the king-size bed in our apartment. Some of those nights included bonus kid
At this point I think I could sleep anywhere, but I am grateful for this one night in my own bed. I hope to return to it soon!

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