Friday, April 06, 2012

Discharge, Take 2

The liver team came in pretty early in the morning to tell us that Jay would be able to go home that day, but of course the discharge didn't actually happen until late in the afternoon. Dr. Iqbal was in clinic all day and wasn't able to get the order written until much later than we had anticipated. My mom had to come and get us since we had both arrived at the hospital in the ambulance.

We made it home well and I went to the Turnip Truck (God bless those hungry people in The Gulch) for groceries and dinner. Of course we had to be back at the hospital the next morning for labs, but we had a great weekend of out-of-town guests to look forward to. Our friends Jenny and Tim came into town, as did our children. We feasted around downtown on Saturday and worshiped at McKendree UMC on Palm Sunday. On Sunday afternoon Jay's parents took Joshua back to Jackson and Clare stayed with us.

Monday morning required us to back to the hospital for more labs (labs plus the little incident of psychosis are why we're required to stay local for awhile), and when we were on the way to the Belle Meade Mansion with Tim and Jenny later that morning, I got a call from the nurse. This is nothing new. We always get a call from the nurse after labs. But this time the nurse said that she wasn't happy with his labs and that he was scheduled for a liver biopsy on Wednesday.

Basically his WCC was too high and his liver enzymes were too high. This happened the day that he was readmitted to the hospital as well, but we dodged the biopsy bullet since his numbers came back down while he was in the hospital. We hoped to make that happen again. So we sent Clare to my mom's house on Monday afternoon while Jay took an epic nap. On Tuesday morning we ran some errands, came home, had lunch, and then we all had an epic nap. On Wednesday we went to the hospital for our clinic visit. This will be a regular occurrence on Wednesdays, but we missed the last one since Jay was laying delusional in a hospital bed.

This was a particularly fun visit. The FNP who saw us first was Chris, the precious guy I talked to the day that Jay was listed. It was neat to finally put a name with a face. In fact, I wish I had a picture of his face when Jay asked if he could have a manicure.

"I'm pretty sure no one has ever asked me that before. But I'm going to go ahead and say 'no.' It's a little too soon to risk it."

Then Dr. Wright came in to check Jay over. He was quite pleased with everything, including Jay's labs. They scrubbed the biopsy, told Jay that his edema would subside eventually if he'd stop drinking so much water, and basically said that he's doing extremely well. And in so many words Dr. Wright told me that I needed to chill out and find other things to worry about. Jay is recovering like a champ. We celebrated by sending Clare for another afternoon with my mom while we took another big old nap.

Oh, and we get a day pass for Easter Sunday. Whoopee!

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