Saturday, November 17, 2012

Blogging from NYWC, Day 3

If I recall, I took it easy on Saturday last year, too.  I went to a great seminar with Jim Burns on building family-based youth ministry and then went for a run.  This one was much more successful than yesterday's. I finally made it to the part of downtown that isn't being torn apart, and that made for a much easier time of it.  Plus, I actually mapped out my route beforehand.  That may have made it easier, too.

At noon, Nick and I had lunch with our new friend Jeff (although at this point he probably counts as old friend), and our old Lambuth friend Malissa who is a Minister to Children and Youth in Tampa.  We talked about Jackson and Lambuth, but it was also really neat to connect about our ministries and share our ministry stories.

At 2:00 it was time for the last seminar of the day.  Since our church is planning to focus on biblical storytelling in the coming year, I decided to go visit Mike Novelli, whose writing focuses on biblical storying for youth.  I took a picture, asked him about his presentation last year that I regularly listen to on my mp3, and volunteered to help him during an activity.  He probably thinks I'm his stalker.  But it was great information that I'm excited to take back to my church.

Then Jereme came to pick up Jeff, Nick, and me and take us out to a new restaurant that he found.  It was more event than meal, and we (at least I) had a wonderful time visiting and eating.  It was one of the greatest meals I've ever had, and I've had some pretty decent meals in my time.  It was FT33 and I highly recommend it!

Now I am getting ready for bed and a long day tomorrow.  We have a full day of seminars and a flight back home to look forward too.  Oh!  And lunch with my professors and colleagues in my D.Min. program who are here!

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