Saturday, November 17, 2012

Pictures from NYWC, Day 2

Waiting for the evening plenary!

Adrian (in the red) leads a youth ministry team from a church here in Dallas.  He was called to be a youth pastor at a church that didn't have any youth, so he and his team had to go find them.  They do a lunch ministry in their local high school, and Mark is telling him that YS is sponsoring lunches for the rest of the year.  He then broke it to Adrian that Doug Fields was giving 10 scholarships to the Student Leadership Conference for Adrian's team and the kids he wanted to bring from the lunch ministry.

One other high point was that the couple married for the shortest time and the couple married for the longest time both got to go on dates sponsored by YS.

Tony Campolo getting a Lifetime Appreciation Award from YS.

Believe it or not, the Methodists had the coolest booth in the exhibit hall. Bazinga!

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