Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Biggest Surprise of All

Mary Magdalene's surprise upon finding an empty tomb couldn't have been close to the surprise I had today. OK, so maybe it could, but still...

I asked our Choir Director earlier in the week what anthem she had selected for our Easter service. She declined to share, stating that the choir was still working on the selection that she wanted to perform, but that she was reserving the right to bail at the last minute and do something a little more safe if she didn't feel they could pull it off. I didn't think anything more about it, not even when I tripped over an electric bass while going to greet Jay and Joshua during the passing of the peace. I knew that it must be a major production, though, because just as the music started the choir director looked over at me and mouthed, "You're going to love this." Then I noticed that Jay was holding a microphone. I didn't think too much about it as he had done a narration at the beginning of last week's anthem, and I just assumed he was going to do the same thing again.

But then...he started to sing...a solo...into the microphone...all by himself...alone...just front of a full church.

I can honestly say that I have never been so surprised in my entire life. I've always been very attuned to things happening in my life. I can easily pick up on "disturbances in the force" and am rarely surprised by anything. But this came out of left field. The ladies in the front row of the choir had to hold their bulletins over their faces to keep from laughing at the look on my face. It was shock and amazement.

Jay and I both like to sing, but that doesn't mean we tried out for American Idol. We can both match pitch reasonably well, but our voice qualities leave something to be desired, or so I thought. In fact, Jay's only been singing in choir, any choir, since September. It isn't as though he's been doing this for awhile.

And here's the thing--he did a really good job. And I'm not just saying that because he's my husband and I have to say it. He really did an excellent job. I'm still in disbelief. It was the second biggest Easter surprise of all.


Lee Bernheisel said...

Do you have a tape of that solo? If you do, I'd really like to hear it! I'm sooooo proud of my big brother!!!

Mary Beth said...

I sure do! I'll snag it from the church and let you hear it when you come!

Gran said...

Make sure we all get to hear it!