Thursday, April 20, 2006

Goodbye Old Friend

I just received a letter today from my ObGyn. He's retiring from his practice this summer. This makes me very sad. I went to him initially on recommendation from my regular doctor who was recommended to me by a co-worker. After my first visit I went home and told my husband that Dr. Z. was the doctor I wanted to deliver my child, should we be fortunate enough to have a child while still in Chicago. I doubted that would be possible at the time since I was working in the job from hell and couldn't even consider having a baby. But when things changed for the better and we decided we'd give it a shot, Dr. Z. gladly sat down with us and answered our silly questions, gave us good advice, patted us on the back, and sent us on our way to get to work. When the two lines showed up I couldn't wait to tell him, and he responded with appropriate enthusiasm.

He talked me through every single time I woke up bleeding during my first trimester, and answered every stupid question I could come up with during the first part of my pregnancy. I can only imagine that he rolled his eyes every time he saw a message from me, but he talked to me as if me and my pregnancy were the most important things he could think about. I was eventually shuffled over to another doctor in the practice since Dr. Z. wasn't into delivering babies anymore (he's much more interested in HRT), but I will always be grateful that he held my hand through the scariest and most overwhelming moments of my life.

The last line of his letter states, "Thank you for allowing me to be your Dr. Z." The pleasure was all mine.

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