Thursday, April 13, 2006


Tonight after Bible study we were sharing prayer requests. One of the men in the Bible study asked that we pray for me, for "the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart" as I prepare for Sunday. That's actually been on my mind a lot this week, what with it being my first Easter as a pastor. I know that there will be a lot of people there who don't attend church regularly, who only come because it's Easter and they feel obligated. I know that this one Sunday could make a big difference in people's lives the way any one-shot deal can make a big difference. I've put some extra thought into my sermon, I've tried to make it more interesting than usual. I've paid particular attention to length and to making it accessible. In short, I've given it more time and consideration than I normally do. But at the same time I've also been trying to remember that it's not about's never about me. It's about what God can do in people and for people on any given day.

But it was humbling to have one of my parishioners treat it with such gravity. Often I hear that it's no big deal, everything will be just great. But tonight I felt like I had some companions on the journey who really got where I've been this week. I felt as though, if I look out into the congregation on Sunday morning, a little more nervous than usual, there will be some folks out there ready with the wink and the thumbs up. It's good to have people who get it.


Anonymous said...

Just for the record, your mother was also praying for your first Easter service. As I enter my own worship service, my first prayers are for you as you stand before your congregation. Anxious to hear!

anna said...

So glad you have a blog now that I can read and stay on top of things going on in your life.

You were in my thoughts today as we did the Easter Sunrise Service on the Farm. Missed you guys being there but was thinking how neat that you were conducting services at the same time (or close to it).

It's great you've got a cheering section!