Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Learning Curves

I've climbed some interesting ones in the past week. The most daunting was the Holy Week learning curve. I was on maternity leave for the entirety of Advent and Christmas, so I missed the opportunity to learn how my congregation "does" major holidays. I'm catching up now, however, and faster than I thought I would. After a meeting last night, one of the congregation members pulled out the "Easter box." It's the size of our family's Christmas box, and it was amazing to watch them sort through it. There was a list as long as my arm of things that needed to be hung, mounted, assembled, and otherwise set up before Easter morning, and the folks who were present could rattle it off as quickly as I could tell you my own name. It was quite amazing. I hope I remember it all for next year.

Chairs. We bought these dining chairs at Ikea a few weeks ago. We already had four, and since we actually have a separate dining room now and a big Easter dinner coming up, we decided it was time to get four more. I put the first four together myself the first time around, which was several years ago, so I figured I'd tackle these. The first one wasn't so bad, but I chalked it up to a warmup. The second one was a disaster, and the third was no problem at all. Hah! I thought. After seven practice runs I'll be able to put the last one together from sheer muscle memory. Nope. I practically had to take it apart when I reached the second-to-last-step and put it back together again. And it isn't as though it's that complicated.

The Boy Child. I've been cursing the winter weather since the boy was born, bothered by the fact that he's always in multiple layers and can't spend nearly enough time with his cute little rolls and blobs hanging out. Well, today it got hot. 80 degrees without warning. Not wanting to turn on the air conditioning, we opened the windows and dressed him in a light sleeper for bed. Two hours later he was awake and hotter than the blue blazes. It took us a month to figure out how to dress him just right for winter. I hope it doesn't take another month to get him comfortable for summer. Of course, as soon as we figure that out it'll snow. I love Illinois.

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St.Phransus said...

i'm glad that you are blogging and that i get to now keep up with what's going on with ya.

i hope you have a good but somber holy week.