Friday, May 05, 2006

National Day of Prayer, Part 2

Fortunately it was a lovely day out and Jay and Joshua decided to go with me for benefit of the fresh air, if nothing else. They were the only people besides the participating clergy and the mayor that were there, and they even had to do a few laps around the parking lot to put distance between us and Joshua's squeals.

It was a very WASP-y event. Actually, it was an all WASP-y event, but I found out later that there actually are no synagogue, mosques, temples, etc. in Plainfield...just a bunch of (mostly white) Protestant churches and the enormous Catholic campus. But I did get to meet some colleagues and that was nice. I actually met our neighbor, the pastor of the Nazarene church right next door. It was almost embarrassing, given that we've been neighbors for almost a year and are just now meeting each other at an event several miles from home. He was very gracious, though, and hopefully we'll get our families together in the future.

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Jennifer said...

Mary Beth, that is great you participated in the prayer event. It makes me sad to read that there weren't more people there.

A WASP-y event. That kills me!