Monday, May 22, 2006

New Appointment

My new appointment is official and I can finally talk about it. Up until a few weeks ago I thought that I would be remaining in my current appointment, but there's been quite a change in plans.

I requested an appointment to family leave.

We're moving to Tennessee.

We're moving to Jackson, Tennessee, to be exact. Jay just accepted an offer to be the new Assistant Professor of Engineering at Union University.

Strangely enough, Jay never even looked for a job. We were perfectly content with our current situation...Jay staying home with Joshua while I served as pastor of Hope. But he was asked to apply for the job, one thing led to another, and we'll be moving in the middle of July. I'll be staying home with Joshua and Jay will be bringing home the bacon.

Our current plan is to make July 19th my last Sunday at the church. We're going to Jackson soon to do some house shopping, so we hope that if we find something that week we'll be close to closing on it by the time I'm done here.

I told the congregation on Sunday. It was the hardest news I've had to break to anyone, anytime. These next few weeks are going to be full and difficult, but I have a feeling we'll all survive.

Off to buy more orange...


gavin richardson said...

don't buy orange.. such an awful color

say hi to professor gavin richardson @ union for me.

gavin richardson said...

don't forget to come hang with jonathon & myself. we like to show the blogger hospitality to visiting friends

Mary Beth said...

Well would you look at that...any relation?

I would be honored to be the recipient of your hospitality. Just let me get moved in, first!

jenny said...

Sometime on the way through Indiana, stop off and see the Sherrills!!!! You'll be bowled over at the size of Mark (and the size of his mommy, too...) and get to have a little rest en route...

St.Phransus said...

congrats!!! i can't wait for you to get here!!!

anna said...

Congrats! We'll be thinking of you guys as you prepare to leave.

Wynston said...

WOW! This is exciting news; congratulations. Yeeaahhh!

We are very happy for you, but we will miss you terribly. Waaaah.

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