Sunday, July 23, 2006

Aim Low

When we moved from California to Chicago in 2001 we had the brilliant idea to move ourselves. So on moving day, at the crack of dawn, we went to pick up the Penske and commenced to loading up three bedrooms, two and a half baths, one den, one living room, one kitchen, and one garage worth of stuff. We took a break in the middle of the day to go to a farewell lunch given by my colleagues at work and to stop by the realtor's office for last minute paperwork. After all, we were making great progress and it wouldn't take too much longer after lunch before we had everything packed up. And our master plan was to finish loading the truck, put the car on the carrier, and drive the four hours to Vegas where we would spend the night.

We didn't take into account that the last half of the truck goes much more slowly than the first half, since you have to be much more conscious of space constraints. By the time everything was loaded it was 9:00 p.m. and we wanted to just die. So we made one last trip to In-n-Out and drove a whole thirty miles up the road to beautiful Mojave where we promptly found a Motel 6 and crashed. Hard.

This time around we decided to be a little more reasonable. We would wait until the movers had loaded the truck, clean up the house, and drive an hour to Merrillville, IN where we would spend the night. Not too ambitious, but enough to get us a little further down the road. By 4:30, after all tasks were complete, we realized that we would be battling Monday afternoon rush hour in order to make it to our destination. So, we headed to the Holiday Inn Express. At the mall. Less than a mile from home.

We have to start aiming lower.


jenny said...

Hey. This time you have a kid to pack, too. And (egads, should I even say this???) a few more years of tired. You're officially old now, you know. (hee hee). But the kid buys you a LOT of leeway. Especially a kid his age.

TLS said...

Think of it as spending one last night in your "old" hometown. At least you packed in one day...Josh and I thought we had a "few boxfuls" left to run and pick up the day after our move...that took four hours that evening and another 4 hours in the morning...all for stuff that was so unimportant we forgot to pack it!!!

We just watched snapshots of your old home town on TV last night...the Brady Wedding drma thing...Josh reminded me she is from Joiliet.

Mary Beth said...

I missed it!

One of my parishioners works in the county building and she told me about the day that they came in and got their marriage license. Apparently the place was quite astir.

Jennifer said...


anna said...

I'm with you on this one. We've done the ..."hotel stay an hour away" many times.

This time we ended up having to go back and rent another uhaul 2 days later (couldn't do it one day later since they were closed sunday) because we forgot our hutch (it was hidden behind boxes) and plus had about 20 more boxes of the misc. stuff that kills a move. Needless to say we were once again left with the thought..."We have way to much stuff!"

Mary Beth said...

Oh, Anna, that's rough.