Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Movers and Shakers

In what could have potentially been a close call, we were finally able to hire a mover.

Things looked bleak for awhile. Several companies that Jay called said that they were booked for the days that we wanted to move. Some chucklehead called to follow up on a request for a quote that Jay had submitted online and was not at all interested in providing the service to us. I actually had to finally say, "Then what you're telling me is that I should find another mover." A woman who came to the house to survey the damage so that she could give us a quote finally faxed it to us five days after she said we should expect it.

And then there was Greg. Sweet, sweet Greg. He was from the company that moved us out here last year, a company that does a lot of clergy moves. He was a little confused at first that I wasn't moving to a different parsonage, but he finally clued in. He gave me a quote while he was still here and booked us as soon as he got back to the office so that we could lock in on a cheaper rate, even though we weren't positive we were going to use them yet.

So, we're on. I won't breathe easily until they actually show up next Monday morning with a truck. But at least I'll sleep a little bit better tonight.


TLS said...

I totally sympathize with you!!! Moving is just awful. We have been here a week and a half and still only have half an apartment unpacked and livable. Both Josh and I reached our exhaustioon limits this week.

Good for you for getting movers!!

Rightthinker said...

You lucky duck to get a mover, LOL! We moved from California to Idaho, with three small ,(at that time) 2 cars and a 24-foot U-haul! Do they pack you up, too? WAAAAAAA.... :) Just kidding, LOL!

Do you get to move right into your new house? That was a quick escrow for you. That's great! I wish your family the best of luck with the move!

Rightthinker said...

I meant to say 3 small children...duh, suppose I haven't had enough coffee yet this morning.

Jennifer said...

Go Greg!!! That's awesome. I hope I have the same kind of luck when it's time.

Mary Beth said...

This is only our second time to be moved professionally, and our first professional interstate move. Jay and his mom moved us to California right before we got married. (I was finishing grad school and couldn't take the time to help). Then we moved ourselves from California to Chicago. That was not much fun. Just the two of us and all our belongings stuffed into a Penske truck with a car on a carrier hanging off the back. There was something very liberating about that, though. Even though we were moving so that Jay could go to school, there was nothing stopping us from just finding a place to settle if we found someplace we loved. Of course, we didn't do that, but it was an option nonetheless. Our move to our parsonage was done by movers, but that was kind of easy. They were moving us out of a one-bedroom condo. We watched them leave in the morning and then met them in front of our new place a few hours later. But this one will be interesting, I think. I'm not sure how I'm going to feel without my stuff for over a week. But I'm sure glad someone else is doing it.

They don't pack us, but we wouldn't want them to anyway. It's a little bit Type A around our house. We don't move in until the 26th. We're just going to hang out in Nashville with my folks for awhile until we can move in.

TLS--that's the part I really hate more than the packing...trying to make the new place liveable. If I have it my way, they'll just put all the boxes in the garage and we can bring them in as we need them so we're not cluttering everything up.

Four more days!

jenny said...

I swore I would never move again unless I was pregnant, and two years ago that's just what we did. Which meant I was ZERO help in getting stuff ready.

We hired movers and they came and did everything we asked but Tim still ended up with an inordinate amount of work to do at the end... It was SUCH A STRESS. Not sure I want to ever move pregnant again. But I HATE moving so...

And RT, how did 3 small kiddies do with packing and moving??? I imagine my one and don't think he'd be much help!

Mary Beth said...

Oh, yeah, I was pregnant when we moved in here last year. I kept having to stop myself from picking up boxes and hauling them around. Although once I got used to just sitting around and directing traffic it wasn't so bad!

Good question, Jenny--let us know RT. I'm not sure how we're going to manage unpacking with Mr. Always on the Move. We've been packing after he's gone to bed. They may be how we have to address unpacking as well.

angela said...

Good luck! Packing, moving and unpacking is soooo not a party! Congrats on finding a mover.

Rightthinker said...

It wasn't easy! My kids at that time were 6, 16 months, and 4 months-and she was nursing.

I was just very motivated because I was really happy about the move, and the house and new life we were going to. Not to mention that I can't live with clutter or mess, so that was inspiration, as well!

I don't like packing, but I started about a month before the move in between nursing and caring for the kids. Jeff helped as much as possible in the evenings. Once we got to the new house, though, I was completely excited about unpacking.

I love unpacking because you get your house all settled and put away. Jeff did the garage and helped me inside a bit.

Best of luck to you!

jenny said...

I absolutely cannot imagine! Tim did so much of the work, and friends did all the rest, and I tried and felt like a house pretty much the whole time!

Packing in general overwhelms me; it's too big of a task for my ADD little mind. Unpacking I like better because you get to find new homes for things and it generally doesn't have to happen all at once, and if some of your stuff has been in storage for a while (to make your house less cluttered for the 3 people who looked at it and all made offers), it's like getting a bunch of new stuff. :) But then, there are still boxes we haven't sorted through...

I'm afraid what this means, MB, is I'm not on my way up there to help you finish up all the packing, though if you'd like to put Mr. Not-quite-so-helpful (and by that I hope I mean the baby and not Dr. J) in a carton and mail him here, we'll play with him for a few days until you come retrieve him. :)

Mary Beth said...

Thanks! We're hoping this is the last move...ever.

"Between nursing and caring for the kids"

You mean there's actually time in between those things?

Kudos to you for moving out and in while nursing a 4-month old. When Joshua was four months old we were still in the "nursing constantly for everything including hunger, exhaustion, crankiness, general malaise" stage. I would have had to hire someone--to nurse or to move--I don't know which.

Packing overwhelms me, too. In fact, when we were packing to move here my mom had to fly up and help me. I need everything to be organized, not just tossed willy-nilly into a box, which makes the whole process exasperating. My mom and Jay spent that whole weekend yelling at me, "If you touch it, put it in a box!"

Yeah, there will be boxes our great-grandchildren will go through that we will have never opened.'

I'm not sure how Joshua would do as freight. He might be a bit cranky by the time he arrived. But thanks for the offer!

anna said...

MB, from someone who has just done a move....I feel your pain.

I hate the the unpacking. I think I hate the packing mainly because someone else hates to have everything willy nilly. Me, if I touch it it goes in a box. I'd be a great military packer ( you know those people who show up at your house about a week before you move to your next duty station and pack everything for you...including the trash you thought you threw out the night before, yep that'd be me).

Moving with a tot is always fun. You pack one box they unpack 3. You find misc. junk in a box you know you didn't put there. And unpacking...they're a great help for that. Though I'd much rather a 2 year old helper then the 11 year old bookworm who couldn't put her book down in order to actualy pack her room. That's okay...Grandma showed up with a trashbag and that seemed to motivate her.'s to packing, unpacking, and to the new life.
I wish you guys the best~