Saturday, July 01, 2006

Take Me To Another Place

As promised, highlights (and lowlights) from our househunting trip to Tennessee:

First plane ride--We survived our first plane ride with infant in tow. On the way there, he wasn' t the quietest baby on the plane, but he wasn't the loudest. On the way back he was one crashed-out monkey from takeoff to landing. It was a steep learning curve but we seemed to have climbed it.

Lots of barbeque--Mom met us at the airport with Bar-B-Cutie and while in Jackson we dined at Backyard Barbecue and Brooksie's Barn (whose motto should be, "We Can Fry That").

New house--We bought an amazing house with lots of beautiful land.

Will you go out with me?--Jay and I had our first date in 7 months. We went to the Watermark in Nashville, thanks to expert babysitting provided by Gran. We were afraid that we wouldn't know how to have a real conversation with each other, but it came back to us easily enough.

Grandparent love--Joshua got to see both his Pop and his Gran, hopefully for long enough to tide them over until we're there permanently.

The La Quinta Inn--I reserved a two-room suite about a month in advance. We do that whenever possible so that Jay and I can stay up and work while Joshua sleeps (He crashes at about 7:00 p.m.) When we arrived, the gal at the desk looked up our reservation and said, "I see that you've reserved our Ambassador Suite, but that's not available. The party that stayed there last night didn't check out. " She offered a regular room, but heck if they were going to get my money after not honoring a reservation.

No Room in the Inn--After leaving the La Quinta and trying several more places, we were informed that we were there during the Miss Tennessee pageant and there simply were no rooms to be had. We finally got a room at Union at 10:00 p.m. that night.

Face Plant--While waiting at Union to see if they had any rooms available, Joshua was power crawling across the tile floor. It was past his bedtime and his little arms just couldn't take anymore, so he went facedown. Then came the blood. Turns out it was only a little cut on his upper lip, but it bled like stink. He had a fat lip for about a day and then he was fine. I don't like seeing my kid bleed.

Close Call--Twelve hours after we submitted our offer on our new house, another potential buyer also submitted an offer. According to our realtor, the seller had the right to see the new offer before making a final decision to accept ours. Both Jay and I were sick to our stomachs for that hour that we waited to hear back, but the news was good.

Flat Tire--On the way back to Nashville, ten miles from mom's house, we got a flat tire. Oh joy.


Our mission was accomplished, but not without some drama.


Rightthinker said...

"Take me to another place", LOL!

The house is beautiful! Congratulations on that. How exciting for you and your family. Glad you made it through a bit of a dramatic trip...ah, most things worth the effort are just never easy, huh? Have fun steaming that mess is great!

Rightthinker said...

Oh, and I don't know if you are a Seinfeld fan, but I just had to say, "You know how to TAKE the reservation...your problem is HOLDING the reservation".

jenny said...

"I'm sorry, but which part of reservation is giving you trouble?!?!?!!?!"

What a frustration! We now know where NOT to stay when we come visit you with the clan...

anna said...

What is it with getting a place to sleep in TN. Last time we passed through there the place was booked up with fans for some Orange Team playing some sport with a ball. ;)

yeah on the date thing tho. That is thrilling! And a bet it will be nice to get to do more of now that you'll be closer.

Boo on the Joshua Boo Boo. I too can't stand to see my kids bleed.

Glad you guys got your house and of course success can't be sweet unless there's a little drama. ;)

Mary Beth said...

RT--That's funny. I just looked up the script and laughed out loud.

Anna--Never try to get a room anywhere in East Tennessee on football weekend. And, obviously, don't both trying to get a room in Jackson during Miss Tennessee week. Who knew?

Jenny--Stay with us! When you visited us in our one-bedroom I think we accomodated 3.5 extra guests, but when Anna visited we accomodated 7.5 extra guests. Shoot, we could get the entire town of Jackson in a three-bedroom!

Angela said...

Congrats on finding a house! YAY! I've missed your blog posts. Glad you are back :)