Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Fall After All

I'm not much of a seasonal decorator. Granted, I always drag out piles of decorations at Christmas, but that's about as far as I go. I figure nature does the best decorating of all, and that I certainly have nothing to add to the beauty that I can see outside. But now I've changed my tune.

Sarah and her mom brought me a gorgeous fall wreath that's now hanging above my fireplace. And then yesterday I attended an Auxiliary luncheon at the university. They were giving away the cute table centerpieces as door prizes and I actually won one! I never win anything! It has taken its place on my own dining room table, displacing the fall candle collection that was originally the extent of my fall decorating.

So despite my complete inability to do anything creative in my home, it is fall after all.


The Thief said...

I'm not a decorator at all. Not seasonal, not otherwise. Of course, if I decorated, it would be in "early 90s frat house" style.

Need I say more?

Mary Beth said...

Complete with sagging-to-the-floor sofas and the smell of stale beer? Excellent!

TLS said...

So, is the auxiliary a "wifes' club" of sorts? I went to the website and that is what it appeared to me. Bless your heart for joining that group...they certainly need your perspective!

Mary Beth said...

TLS--Not exactly. The woman who invited me is another professor in Jay's department. The woman I sat next to was the wife of a Baptist pastor in the community. He had worked at the school in the past. A couple of the other women were community members who were interested in supporting the university. The whole purpose of the group is to provide student scholarships and to "adopt" both international students and children of missionaries who are attending the school.

I was a little wary, as you might imagine, considering I never once darkened the door of an Officer's Wives Club meeting. But it was actually quite nice. Don't tell anyone I said so. I have a reputation to maintain. :)

TLS said...
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TLS said...

That sounds great! It sounds like a good thing with which to be involved in your community.