Friday, October 27, 2006

Where Have I Been All My Life?

I seem to have spent all of my creativity (and there wasn't that much to begin with) on writing a book review for my church newsletter. So I will continue marking time with some relatively mindless trivia, in this case a map, stolen from Darby. The states in red are those in which I have spent at least one night. If I included the states that I had driven through, there would be five more (OK, VT, RI, CT, and IA)

create your own visited states map

How about you?


jga said...

It doesn't seem to want to let me cut and paste the map. . .

The states I have not spent a night in, those in bold I've never been to at all.

Alaska Wyoming Minnesota
Hawaii North Dakota Iowa
Oregon South Dakota Wisconsin
Idaho Kansas Oklahoma
Montana Mississippi Maryland
Delaware Indiana Rhode Island

Jennifer said...

Cool! I'll have to do it, too.

Mary Beth said...

JGA, you've never spent a night in Indiana? And here I thought you were a well-travelled man.