Saturday, March 17, 2007

Let's Hear it for the Ladies!

After all the brouhaha surrounding Delta Zeta at DePauw, there's good news for a change.

The DePauw women are the 2007 Division III Women's Basketball Champions!

I happened to tune in to the university radio station just in time to hear the last three nailbiting minutes and I have to admit I was just about teary when the girls pulled it out at the last minute.



Anonymous said...

Great news for the basketball team, but it's too bad the university president has acted so irresponsibly by making false allegations and bringing negative media attention to the school.

Mary Beth said...

Note to others, the opinion of "Anonymous" regarding the actions of the DePauw president does not necessarily reflect the opinion of management.

If I knew Portugese, I could disallow the Anonymous crowd, but alas...

Kel Bel said...

That is awesome news!

To anonymous - if you don't want to give your name, fair enough, but I was wondering if you could at least shed some light on exactly which allegations by President Bottoms were false? Also, I don't recall that he was interviewed for the initial Times article, or that he somehow lied about the girls being placed on alumni status and told to find alternate housing for the next semester one week before their finals. But as a concerned DePauw alum, if there are hard facts that have been missing from the media coverage, by all means I would like to know. Thanks!

martha said...

Oh look...silence!

I am a complete outsider on the whole scandal - never set foot on the DePauw campus and never set foot inside the greek system. I made up my mind about this scandal based entirely on that Times article, with later reenforcement from Mary Beth.

I never saw a whit of *negative* media attention to the *school*. The media was quite positive about every response from the student body and faculty. I read the story with the impression that the school was acting swifty and responsibly and that the students there were supportive of their classmates in the local chapter.

I think what anonymous means to say is that there was negative media attention to the Delta Zeta Nationals.

(Mary Beth, it seems that Joshua knows Portugese, perhaps he could assist you in deleting the comment?)

Jenny said...

Just to play devil's advocate (and because I know MB probably won't kill me), it's interesting to note that that NYT article and other media sources had scant to say from the DZ side of the story. Reading what the DZ national organization says on their website ( does give their side and and entirely different perspective.
That said, there is truth all around, and it would be nice to have anon refute what she (assumed gender) calls the false allegations of the DePauw president (who probably got made fun of for his last name until at least his third year of college).

Mary Beth said...

I'm guessing "Anonymous" won't be back. S/he got here via a blogsearch for "Delta Zeta" and "DePauw" so I'm guessing s/he was spreading a bit of sunshine to blogs that mentioned the issue.

Martha--My guess is that Anonymous probably did mean that Bottoms brought negative media attention. He has received a LOT of criticism for a number of reasons: not "doing something" to keep the Greek system as strong as it's always been, suggesting the membership review in the first place, etc.

Jenny--Personally, I thought the NYT article was pretty incomplete. Apparently many folks advised Sam Dillon that the issue was not racially motivated but he decided to take that tack anyway. However, I spent a lot of time following up on it through the university newspaper and other stories. Several of the girls who were forced to take alum status were asked questions in the membership review that had nothing to do with "commitment to recruitment" like, "What frats [sic] do you party with? Do you think you could party with more prestigious frats?" In the Newsweek article another woman said about the membership review interview that "She asked me what our image was on campus, if I could put a brand on our house, what would it be. I told her I didn't feel like I could put a stereotype on our house other than other
people would say we're the bottom of the pecking order." My issue is that those questions don't sound like they were asked to gauge someone's "commitment to recruitment."

The other issue is that they apparently had no problem getting national representatives to the chapter house on numerous occasions: Rush, chapter meetings, etc. But when it came to informing the women that they were going to be put on alum status, they sent letters. IMHO, if you're going to boot girls out of their home and tell them this the week before finals, you'd better have your whole stinkin' Executive Board present to break that news, to provide information about appealing the alum status (which they never provided), and to generally hold these girls' hands while they're world fell apart. There's nothing "sisterly" about how they acted.

You're right, there's truth all around. The new DZ alums and the DZ Nationals are probably never going to see eye to eye, but I think there was a more humane way for DZ Nationals to handle the situation and they chose a different road.