Friday, March 16, 2007

Random Thoughts

  • It didn't take me long to become a southerner again. I knew I had made the transition when I warned Jay that it was going to be "cold" this weekend. Like 57.
  • For the past few months Joshua has constantly asked for music when we're hanging out at home (he does this by swinging his arms back and forth as if he is "dancing" or by bringing us the remote control to start a CD). I've been so good about playing Baby Einstein CDs or silly kids' songs CDs, you know, things that are enriching and will help him appreciate good music later on. When I walked out of our bedroom this morning, Joshua and Jay were seriously jamming to none other than The Beastie Boys. Joshua usually swings his arms back and forth a little bit, sometimes spins around in the middle of the floor. This morning he was actually bouncing and moving his feet and laughing. So much for an appreciation of fine music. I guess it could be worse since Adam Yauch (MCA) is my pretend boyfriend.
  • The other day when Joshua was infirm and needed to be carried around all day (he still isn't quite walking, yet) I put him on the bed with me while I checked my e-mail. In the course of five minutes he managed to change my screen resolution, change my keyboard setting from "qwerty" to "Dvorak," and in a feat that I have yet to undo, changed my Blogger settings to Portugese.
  • I don't have many issues with personal space. I'll hug just about anyone, friend or stranger, but the lady at The Baker's Rack creeped me out. I was paying at the register for my lunch while holding Joshua. She said to me, "Are you pregnant?" to which I replied "Yes, I am." She proceeded to reach over the counter and grab the top of my belly, grope around it for a second, and then proclaim, "You're carrying really high!" I smiled politely and then she warned me not to get my tubes tied because even if I thought I was finished having babies with "the man you're with" I might meet someone later on that I'd like to have babies with. Mmm Hmm. But anyway, I normally wouldn't care about someone patting my belly or even rubbing it a little to greet the little person inside. But she palmed it like a freakin' basketball! In my 14 total months of being pregnant that's never happened. As Jay said, "Welcome back to the south."


anna said...

Jesse used to put David to sleep with Heavyshift. So much for classical music and lullibyes. But you know he loves music so I guess that's all that counts

Mary Beth said...

Oh, please don't say that name to me. :) Heavyshift makes me want to jam forks in my eyes. And now that it's been mentioned I can already foresee which CD is coming out next.

I suppose that Joshua will be able to appreciate all kinds of music, and that's not so bad.

Jay said...

Good call Anna! Now I just have to find the box with the CDs...

martha said...

vSay "No, I'm not, I'm just fat. Thanks for asking!"

The particular kind of tubby that I am looks pregnant because I am forever asked when I am due, given seats on the CTA and otherwise have reference made to my assumed, yet impossible, state.

The thing is, only once have I ever told someone I wasn't. Usually I feel bad for the person and, since they're a stranger, I just let them think they were right rather than embarass them. The clerk at Kroger in Franklin, Indiana says "You're quitting smoking because the baby is almost here?" "Yes, yes, I am."

But once a girl I knew at school did that tummy rubbing thing to me! She said "Oh, when are you due?" And, since she was my friend, I had to say "I'm not pregnant". To which she replied "Oh, yes you aaarreeee!" Like I was joking.

So I had to explain my infertility and embarass and stun her and she never talked to me again. But dammit, it was her fault for being so persistant!

TLS said...

Ummm....yeah, 57 would be delightful. We are in the middle of a March Noreaster snow storm. Pretty...but cold.

As for the touchy feely woman...yikes! Too bad you didn't have a handy dandy retort that would have kept her hands off. Josh (the original), of course,could help you come up with something so cruel you will silence everyone.

In fact, he suggested that when pressed where I work (since I closet myself for fear of crazy responses to being a pastor), I should say I work for a non-profit and when asked what I do say I raise puppies for medical experiements. It is so horrible, I can hardly type it out...but one of that caliber just might do the trick for the next crazy, touchy-feely woman. Ask him.

Darby said...

1) N is always playing odd music when he is with the kids! I'll come in to just about anything on the ihome! :) K will say they are listening to "good rock music" with Daddy!

2) I hate being touched when I am pregnant. I had one of the school janitors rub my belly EVERY DAY while I was pregnant with K, one dya she even came into the office while I was talking to another teacher (went out of her way) just to rub my belly! I finally asked her to stop.

anna said...

Sorry to cause strife in the home ;)

About the tummy rubbing...never had that happen before. I think I give off this vibe of "Don't even think of touching me" In fact I actually wouldn't mind but it's never happened to me in the states while pregrant. In korea that's a different story..everything gets palmed there.

Jenny said...

I have a good friend who is waiting for a child from China; a woman at church, a fairly close friend, when told they were expecting a child from China, rubbed her belly, telling her she did that for "all the expectant mothers". My friend was touched because this lady was treating her like she was any other expectant mother (though she's now been "expecting" for 14 months...)

And Mark used to scream in the car if the local heavy rock station (X-103) wasn't playing on the radio. He even liked the commercials they played.

gavin richardson said...

1. that is bad

2. excellent choice of music! especially if it is the early years

3. at least it is a pretty language to blog in

4. she is creepy