Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Persona Non Grata

It all started yesterday morning when Joshua refused to have anything to do with me. He's still a little "off" from Daylight Savings Time so he was more cranky than usual and ready for a nap earlier than normal. In fact, Jay had him back in bed before he even left for work. Joshua and I met church friends for lunch, came home, and had a long afternoon nap. Then we met other friends at the park, and that's when I gave up all hope of the "Mother of the Year" award.

I was attentive. I was diligent. I repeatedly used my cat-like reflexes to keep Joshua from certain peril. He was all over the playground equipment, climbing, sliding, testing the structural integrity of the whole setup. Then he headed for a slide that was a little too steep for him to manage alone. So I hauled my big pregnant self onto the slide with him. Halfway down his left foot became caught between my left leg and the slide. Ouch. He was obviously in pain and not very happy. Fortunately, another friend showed up who is also a paramedic. She poked and pushed and pulled and twisted. She surmised it was his knee but that there was most likely nothing broken. Joshua and I sat and observed the action for awhile, but he refused to put any weight on his leg. Sa-teeeee (Vati is German for "daddy" and in our world all consonants are interchangeable) was home when we got there so we sat down for dinner. That was when I pinched his finger in the booster seat. Needless to say, Joshua ate dinner in Jay's lap. I managed not to drop him in the bathtub or scald him during bathtime, but I wasn't exactly exuding parental confidence.

This morning my kid who usually won't stop moving is content to sit on the couch and have us hand him books to flip through. I have a call into the nurse to find out if there's anything we can do to help the poor kid out. Meanwhile, guess who put Joshua down for his nap because he wouldn't even consider letting me hold him, even after I shared my scrambled egg sandwich.

I think I should put a quarter in the therapy jar, but I'm not sure whose jar it should go in, Joshua's or mine.


martha said...

No, no, don't worry! Whatcha have here [pretends to open Joshua's hood] is a case of Early Onset of the Terrible Twos, a nonlisted but common symptom of which is "Now I Judge You!"

TLS said...

I'd say pay for your therapy now, and worry about Joshua's later.

Kel Bel said...

Aren't we all a little "off" from Daylight Savings Time? I know I am. I wouldn't worry about it either...just start practicing my mom's response to ANYTHING we were unhappy with in our childhood: "I'm sorry I ruined your life. I'm a terrible mother." (said in a very sarcastic tone of voice making it clear that she thinks we are whining about something utterly ridiculous, which is usually accurate).

Jennifer said...

Awww. Scarred for life, I'd say he is. ;)

Laura said...

MB, I can't believe this. Tyler did the exact same thing Monday night. He got his foot stuck on the slide while at the park with his daycare provider. In his case he wrenched his ankle (or so we determined). My Monday evening was spent at Urgent Care getting X-rays, as I didn't want to be the mother who let her son walk around on a broken leg for a week. He still won't put any weight on it. So rest easy, you're not the only bad mother out there. :)

Mary Beth said...

Oh, no Laura! It wasn't broken was it? If my paramedic friend hadn't been around we'd probably have spent the night at urgent care, too. Bummer!

This morning Joshua's finally crawling and pulling himself up. Basically he's back to cruising again. Hope Tyler feels better!

Laura said...

They don't think it's broken, but he still isn't putting any weight on it. I took him to see our doctor this afternoon and he thinks Ty is either "protecting" his injury, or that there is a fracture in the growth plate. We have orders to take him in for more x-rays if he isn't walking by Monday.

Hopefully Joshua's wasn't this bad. Because I'm not sure how much longer I can carry Ty around. :)

anna said...

Ugh what is with feet this week. David has done something to his foot too so he's limping around today. I thought at first it was just asleep this morning but now at 2pm he's still limping. I'm thinking he did something on the climbing wall.

As far as being a bad mother...You're always going to be going back and forth from bad mother to good mother. It's better you get used to being the bad guy or else disciplining will be heck! Not that you want to go around injuring your poor kid but don't beat yourself up over it. Just be thankful he's not a preteen girl with a fragile emotionally life that you constantly feel like you're driving her to therapy later in life. I'd much rather accidental physical injuries any day compared to mentioning that someone needs to comb their hair and have said person break down into a ball of tears. (sorry to vent..)

You're a great mom because you took him to the park, fed him and gave him a bath....he'll remember those things and not the injuries.