Thursday, August 21, 2008

Not the Biggest Loser!

So today was the awards ceremony for the Lose to Win competition. I got an inside tip this morning from a gal in my aerobics class that they call the members of the winning team in the days before the ceremony to suggest that they might want to make an extra effort to show up. Having not received a call, I was pretty certain that our team wasn't going to walk away with any money. But we all got T-shirts and water bottles, and I got to cheer loudly for the top teams. The first and second teams lost 26% and 27% of their combined weight, respectively, and the winning team lost 40%! That's serious business!

My mother-in-law, who is visiting, went with me. We were privileged to sit next to the second place team, Chubby Buddies, and the winning team called themselves "Who's Yer Fatty?" Personally, I would've given them the money because that's just funny.

The winning individual lost 16% of his weight during the nine weeks of competition. Jay and I had just about decided that it would be next to impossible to lose more than 15%, but this kid did it. Pretty awesome.

The best part was that the coordinator of the program shared with us that she and her colleagues had received emails throughout the course of the competition thanking them for the motivation that the contest provided. I didn't win any big money, but I was pretty proud to be in that room today.


Ruth said...

Don't forget - you're a winner too, because you're healthier than you were nine weeks ago!

Orangeblossoms said...

You are gorgeous, MB. Gorgeous at every weight because you're a REDhead. M'hummm. Don't forget!

--and, kudos on your hard work and amazing achievements.